My prayer for all nuns and nuns to be


May your loins swell with the seed of Satan.

May your every desire be turned to him and him alone.

May your body, mind, and spirit be possessed by the infernal,

and may you curse the day you were born into Satanic slavery.

May you lust after demons,

May you masturbate to blasphemy,

and may your spirit be tormented, for you shall retain all your love for Christ but be unable to express it any longer.

Yet as you act, so shall you become,

and your soul shall be corrupted by the deeds of your flesh,

and you brides of Christ shall become Satan’s whores,



Good thing the mods will cut this post off.


Too bad I’ve already prayed it fervently to Satan.


Thank GOD we have moderators!


Thank SATAN I can get around ip bans!


Thank GOD everytime you sign up with a different name we will know who it is.


Pride is the sin of satan. You will be at home in hell.


Pity I’ve already trolled here under three different names. Can you name them? No?

Then you won’t know who it is, you stupid bitch.


err yeah… okay… an angry person… alrighty thennnnnn


I most certainly will. In between all the drug use, blasphemy, suicide attempts, communing with demons, and

that time I raped Jesus,

I’m sure there’s a nice toasty spot all ready for me.


i don’t judge anyone, the final judgement is up to God, so spew spew spew away… we don’t judge.


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