My prenatal exam showed Trisomy 18 high risk


Matthew is my youngest brother’s name - what a lovely choice. :heart:

Praying for you, your husband and little Matthew. Even if there is a risk, that doesn’t mean that it is a “for sure” thing - many families have received negative news and then their babies are born perfectly fine. But whatever the outcome, out of all the parents in the world, YOU were picked to be his mother. What a precious gift! May God bless your family.


Thank you Starlady for that reminder. God bless you.


As a person with a deforming genetic condition (dwarfism), I’ve talked to many parents who have scary pre-natal diagnoses. The pressure to abort can be overwhelming. Thank you for your faith and your courage, I am also very willing to just listen and to pray with you.

Does your little one have a name yet? I’ll be praying for “Mini Martha” for now :slight_smile: Never mind, missed that! Little Matthew will be in my prayers by name.


Thank you so much, your prayers mean everything.

My husband is my support system. He’s very positive and happy. I’m also more myself now that I’ve accepted any result as God will.

You all, because you all love Christ are really more of a support than some blood relatives. And you all really lift my spirits.

Thank you Littlelady for your encouragement and prayers. God bless you


I’m so sorry you are going through this. I’m putting you and your baby in my prayer book!


Praying for you and baby Matthew.


Thank you so much for your prayers Janet, God bless you.


Thank you for your prayers Angel, it means very much to us. God bless you


I just want to thank you all again. In my life I never received so much prayer as in this post. God knows how I’ve often wondered what it must feel like to have people pray for you and He brought that memory back just a moment ago. What a blessing, thank you.


Joining in praying ! :pray:t2:


Thank you Greenfields, God bless you.


I will add you and that precious child to my daily prayers. What an inspiration you are.


Thank you Hope, your prayers are a blessing.

I am on the trisomy 18 website reading their stories. Just preparing my heart. Perhaps I should stop reading them I’m not sure. Many of those woman are women of faith and are very inspiring.

God bless you.


My heart is heavy for you. You and your baby are in my prayers. God bless you.


Praying for your family.


So sorry for your baby’s potential diagnosis. You are both in my prayers.


Thank you ColorMomma, God bless you


Thank you so much for your prayers, God bless you.


Thank you for your prayers, God bless you.


You’re in my prayers. A friend of mine and his wife had trisomy 13, it’s hell not knowing. They unfortunately lost their baby soon after delivery but he was so loved before he left this world. You’re in my thoughts.

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