my Protestant family

I’m the only Catholic in the family (born/raised Protestant)…not sure how/why I converted but I did.

I pray for their conversion, but in my heart, I have doubts that it will ever happen. For them, church is not only for religious purposes but for social stability (e.g., having church friends around for support).

Then I realized both my parents are divorced/remarried (which made me realize I’m a product of adultery, I guess…) and if I remember correctly from hearing in passing just once, my mother had an abortion.

One of the biggest issues in the Church right now, and we broke both of them…:blush:

I cannot presume that Protestants will be saved, but they could be found in God’s Mercy, right…?

One time during RCIA process, I mentioned converting, and my mom threw a conniption and bawled her eyes out, saying it’s like betraying the family, etc. So I never mentioned it again.

I think to this day, they think I’m still Protestant, so I can’t bring up religion ever.

Every time I see families at Mass, I sort of envy them…in a non-sinful way of course.


It does not matter how we were born, the point is that we are alive and have choices to make. Do not allow it to effect you. You are a valuable, loved human being. Also, these are your mother’s sins, not yours, no matter how unfortunate they may be. Do not take it upon yourself.

Nor will all Catholics undoubtedly be saved. The discussion of “can (blank) be saved?” is common these days. It is more a matter of interpretation. Only God can judge either way, so we cannot make assumptions.

They’re overreacting, perhaps. It’s not like you went to an entirely different religion: just don’t push yours on theirs (which is unkind either way). Remember to respect them in all ways possible, but also within reason.

LOL, I’m sorry, this is not funny, but I read your situation and it looks so much like mine that I cannot help but laugh, not in a funny way, but in a “welcome to the club” kinda way!!!

Fortunately many people are finding themselves in this kind of situation lately or so I hear. Which is good, it means many of us are finding our way back to the Catholic Church.

Okay so to address a few of the many different topics you brought up which someone would need many books to cover in total…

First, pray, pray for them, but also realize that we know from the mystics and Saints of the Church that many Protestants are in heaven, and while you don’t have to be Catholic to get into heaven once you’re there you are part of the Catholic Church! So they will end up converting eventually… (lol, I used that line on my father, I did not get the laugh I expected but I still thought it funny and clever).

Second, the divorce and abortion does not really matter since the way they were brought up it is not a sin. Remember, to commit a mortal sin you must have full knowledge that what you are doing is sinful. While they may have only had a partial knowledge (which only God can judge and really knows) it would clear them of a mortal sin making it venial and thus still allowing for God’s Divine Mercy to save them.

Third, look up and read about God the Father coming and speaking to one of our religious sisters. I cannot remember the name of the book but anyway, basically God says anyone that truly looks to Him and calls Him “Father” He will eventually grant eternal rest. Protestants absolutely fall into that “category” if you will. It’s the only time in history where we see God the Father coming to the Church and speaking directly to us.

Also read about Fatima, offer up this suffering that you must endure and is obviously very painful, offer it up to God, it will help save and convert many people.

Read about Our Lady of Good Success, she promises us that soon (after the 20th century) there will be a mass conversion back to the Catholic Church. Read these and many things, while on the surface they seem distressing they really are about good news!

Finally if you are not in a position to have healthy debates with them about the differences of our religion and theirs then don’t. But remember what Jesus says, that He did not come to bring peace, but divisions, that son will go against father and daughter and against mother and so on…while you don’t have to deny your family, now that you know the truth and the way you must stay strong and keep to the path that obviously God lead you to.

Please feel free to contact me privately if you need any help, have any questions or if anything comes up, I’m always here for everyone, especially a fellow convert!!!

Welcome home :slight_smile:

Keep praying that is your job, let God handle their conversion

Umm… support from believers is actually a good thing. You can’t be too hard on them for wanting that

Just goes to show how merciful God is. After all that, He called you home. However, I would talk to a priest because there is such a thing as ‘generational sins’ or something like that

Regardless of religious affiliation, you can not presume anyone will make it to heaven. God is the judge of that

No big surprise there. Jesus said He came to set father against son.

Yes it is a beautiful site

You are not alone.

I come from an atheist family and I pray for them daily since I want them to be in heaven with me.

I cannot afford to fall into despair. That would be sin on my part.

I don’t have anyone I am close to that is a practicing Catholic so I can relate. Its great that you are praying for them. I understand them not wanting to leave a faith community for a faith that can be a bit lonely, I think you need to remember they are probably doing the best they can with the faith they have if that makes sense.

Continue to pray for them and trust in God’s mercy rather than going over their sins, I am sure many of the people at your church have things from their past that they aren’t proud of too.

Anglewannabe;14222840] However, I would talk to a priest because there is such a thing as ‘generational sins’ or something like that


Hang on. What’s ‘generational sin’?

Only Catholic in a sea of Protestants here too! :slight_smile:

I think it was Old Testament.

My dad was Lutheran and my mother was his fourth wife. My dad was also very intelligent and probably knew this looked…odd. But from what I know about his ex wives (which is admittedly very little) the Catholic Church probably would have declared them invalid anyway

Congratulations for your conversion.

It is so normal this negative feedback and turbulence. The Devil is putting a great fight to make you discourage or make you gave up by using others weakness and fear.

The more the turbulence, the more you should know that you are on the right path and do not fear.

God is Mercy and His Mercy is for everyone.

Continue to pray for your family.
I join you in prayer!
God Bless!

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