My question is how many of CAF posters have been actually polled for the electio


I was wondering how many here have been polled. I have never been polled, nor anyone I know.

It would be interesting to know how a person is chosen, is it their party affiliation or just random?

Any responses would be interesting.




Our household was called during the primary season. I declined to answer so I’m not even sure if I was considered a statistic in their poll. I’m not sure how the process works as far as how they determine who gets selected and why. I live in one of the swing states so maybe that had some bearing in the process?


I live in a swing state and was polled numerous times (and multiple times for President) in 2008 and 2012 for a variety of races from President to US Senate to House to state races. But I still had a landline and did not have CID so I answered most calls. Since then I’ve cut the cord and only use my cell now and with CID I almost never answer unknowns. So I have no idea if I’ve missed polling calls this time around. Considering how much I’ve been polled previously, I’d have to say I more than likely have.




I get polled a few times a season. It’s hard to tell which ones are real polls and which are just hooks to get information for later fund raising calls. I have been known to be “creative” with my answers. :hey_bud:


I am continuously pestered by telephone pollsters. I always tell them the same thing: “I refuse to answer political questions.” I refrain from telling them that I don’t want to answer because I believe that this is how enemies lists are compiled. It may sound like an abundance of caution but we’re living in crazy times.


In 2012, my phone was ringing constantly with pollsters – I was unaffiliated, and I’m an Hispanic female.

This year I registered in a party and have only been polled twice…so far… :shrug:

Their first question is always “Are you a registered voter?” In 2012, I finally started answering “no” in the hope that they’d stop calling. They didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


My other thread appears to be misunderstood. I was curious of how many here at CAF have actually had someone from either party poll them, it doesn’t matter who they voted for, just if they were actually polled.

I have never been polled and neither does anyone I know, so I was curious if there have been anybody actually polled here on CAF. I keep hearing about polls and wonder why I haven’t ever been asked.

Thanks for your opinion.



I hang up.

I just don’t trust them to be pollsters. They could be making up an “opposition database” to be rounded up and shipped off to the FEMA camps.

Paranoia? Sure.

But I still don’t trust them.

When I was young, I remember when Fidel Castro took over in Cuba.

One day, on live television, some farmer was stood up in front of a large ditch, and they shot him in the chest. The back of his shirt flew off. Then his legs flew up in front. And then his body blew back and flopped back into the ditch.

That’s how Communists deal with alleged opposition.


Not this election cycle but past ones I have.


I was once in a past election. But the poll seemed heavily biased toward the Democratic party, just the way the questions were asked. It may have been a “poll” that was really a campaign call, but since it’s designed to seem more neutral you may be primed better for liking a certain candidate.

My husband has been polled this year, but not about the presidential election. Just state races.


Polls are fiction.


I have been polled, and still am, on presidential and all the local candidates.


I received a phone call several weeks ago asking which candidate I’d prefer for President. I said “neither.”


God help us! I’m sorry for the tragedy you’ve witnessed… I usually get calls from party officials wanting to know importance of issues but no one ever asked who would I vote for… I’m usually vague because of the trust issue, also…


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