My question is, Why?

I would just like to ask him, Why?

Why bother asking him why?? The best you can do in such a situation is pray for him.

because with out asking why you wont be able to try to explain the flaws in his reasoning.

I think he’s just being purposely provocative. Trolling if you will to get attention.

He’s ridiculous.

Dude has been deleting his online pages right and left since this story broke, but here are some of his writings that give an idea of what we are dealing with. It appears he thinks Christianity has become too intertwined with secular politics over the centuries and including today. If you don’t want to read all his drivel, just skip to the conclusion at the last page. (He also seems to have been heavily influenced by a professor who was his advisor and writes the same type of gunk.)

He’s also a poet and creative writer, when not sitting around writing reams of useless “philosophy” or insulting Our Lord.


Why did Cain kill Abel?

Why did Even eat the forbidden fruit?

Satan is very tempting, and without enough safeguards, can enter into the hearts of men quite perniciously. And frankly, as evidenced by many positions people promote, there is no logic behind them, so what reasoning could you offer for what is essentially an emotional response?

This individual is most likely trying to get some attention. I doubt he actually thinks this, he seems to be trolling. Of course, I cannot be sure, but I would not dwell on this too much.

But I cant ask them, I would be able to ask this guy.

Once again, if you read his scholarly output, it’s pretty easy to see what his motivation is.

He thinks the Christian church messed up the world and we need to make a fresh new start without Christianity.

He probably realized after making the tweet that he crossed an ethical line for a serious scholar of theology.

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He needs PRAYERS and I truly hope he finds the Lord, is sorry for this blasphemy, asks forgiveness and repents before he is called from this life.


I don’t guess he knows it, but he actually succeeded. Jesus died for ALL of our sins, past, present and future. We ALL drove nails into His hands and pierced His side.


I honestly don’t find this offensive but that’s probably because I don’t find it productive to get upset about stuff like this. And the guy does have a right to his beliefs even when they’re horribly misguided. Why do other Christians waste time on stuff like this?

I could ask “Why do Christians waste time on this?” on about 2/3 of the threads on the forum. It’s important to some people, and I try to respect that and just go read another thread if I don’t care about the topic, unless it is so beyond the pale that it doesn’t really have a religious connection, which is not the case here.

I personally don’t think a serious scholar of theology should be making remarks online, even in jest, about assassinating Jesus, or Moses, or Muhammad, or Buddha, etc. It’s disrespectful and to me it’s an ethical breach for a scholar. It won’t keep me awake tonight, but the guy deserves some blowback.

I am pretty sure Caiaphas , Judas, and Pilate already took care of that.

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Actually - they failed in their attempt - Christ is Risen - Death has been conquered - Hallelujah Hallelujah :heart_eyes:


But that is what people and church leaders did, not Jesus. Has the christian leaders done any more wrong than any other faith leaders?

I read so often the world would be a better place had we no religions. But removing faith doesn’t remove mankind’s nature. It may in fact have help control it. So why kill Christ?

To say what he said can only come from ONE source and that source is the ruler of this world who roams like a lion looking to devour souls.

This professor is his instrument.

You can read a lot from Snediker’s bio.

The guy is a quintessential progressive cosmopolitan. Since Christianity (and Catholicism in particular) goes against much of the modern lifestyle, Jesus naturally becomes a target for these people.

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