aside from my scrupulosity, and doubts and worries about becoming Catholic. my rcia is actually amazing. I have 3 RCIA teacher, (3 women from the choir). i am the only student. when i was in rcia last saturday i had to write down the answer to this question “what are ways you show your love for God?” I answered: by keeping my hot temper under control (most of the time) and praying often. how would you respond?


I really like your answer! I think it is easy to list devotions that one follows, but keeping your temper under control is hard! and a very good way of showing God your love, by being patient and even-tempered with those around you.

I have a few familiy obligations which are not always easy to face, but doing my duty for my state in life - a married woman with children and elderly parents - is one way I show God my love.


I like your answer! For me, I would have written that when I’m doing tasks that are onerous (work, family obligations, etc.) I offer them up for various intentions (reparation for my sins, for the holy souls in purgatory, those dying in this hour, the poor, etc.) out of love for God and my neighbour. I do this even though I know that my meager offerings are nothing compared to the blessings that God has given me.


I think you responded better than I could.


Thumbs up, Maegan!


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