My reason for being pro-life


Dear brethren in Christ,
I know, as do all of you, that there are many good reasons to be against the cruel waste of innocent life we call abortion, which was brought up yet again during the last debate The universal church throughout the ages has taught that life begins at conception. This is treated as fact by most scientific experts, lending further weight to Her moral teaching. There is also simply a responsibility for us, as Christians, to shield the innocent from harm, and I for one can’t think of a more innocent being than a child, particularly an unborn one, who cannot survive by itself.

But, in the end, to me, what matters to me is not scientific data, or church pronouncements. I did not need either in order to become pro-life. Abortion is personal to me. Let me explain what I mean: I was born, 18 years ago,at 25 weeks. I am living, breathing proof that fetuses which would be considered late term are viable. Therefore I feel like I have a duty to speak against abortion, because I can’t help but wonder how many victims of abortion are like me. I feel bound to vouch for their (our) right to life and dignity, so that they can have the same chance that I did.
Thats my story


Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimony to life!~


Saluting and thanking thee…


DeuxExMachina, my reason for being pro-life is exactly the same as yours–but from the other side. Many years ago, long before you were born, I worked my way through college as a medical technician in the NICU at a world famous hospital. That was when they did on-the-job training. I saw, held, and drew blood from hundreds of babies just like you. The smallest one to survive that I saw was born at 15 oz!

In my mind I could not reconcile that literally just around the corner, on the same floor, barely 100 paces away, they would abort babies who were older than the ones we were trying to save in the NICU! The only difference was that one mother wanted her baby, and the other didn’t. And I thought to myself that if it’s OK to kill a person because they are unwanted by someone, then we’re no different from the Nazis.

I also had the blessing of baptizing about 100 of those babies, who later died.


Thats tragic, though I’m glad they were baptized


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