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Hi, I’m new to these forums (not to mention spirituality, religion, and Catholicism) and wanted to post my reasons for coming to ‘believe’ to see what you guys think. So without any further ado here they are:

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  2. Joseph
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  5. Fr. David
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In short, the Catholics whom I’ve met and fallen in love with. Their openness, kindness, compassion, and love was the light that led me out of my own darkness.

I’ve been thinking about this recently after becoming immersed in the intellectual side of the faith and my own ideas on how to ‘prove’ or convince both myself and others of its truth. Ideas like the nature of existence, free will, consciousness, morality, and blah, blah blah, blah blah. In the end of course these have convinced no one, least of all myself, and actually led me to doubt. It was then that I remembered what is perhaps the most compelling thing I’ve heard, “I am the way the truth and the life”, (do I really need to cite the source?).

On a side note: What originally struck me about this was that the way Christ lived, completely abandoning Himself to and for others through limitless Love did seem to me to be the real way to live, all divinity/supernatural concepts aside. Just taking an honest look at the world and myself I could see that people were after many different things, money, power, fame, ‘success’, sex, food, and the one that I’ve fallen prey to the most, knowledge. Personally, I had come to a point where I didn’t really care much about any of these things (or at least didn’t want to) and kinda wanted only one thing, to be love. In particular, universal, complete, total, and selfless love which does its best not to discriminate between people regardless. In short, I wanted to be like Christ. Of course I was also aware of my total inability to actually do this on my own and my tendency to very often go in the opposite direction.

Getting on with the point though, I came to think that Christ Himself actually is Truth, the Word made flesh, the fulfillment of the law. All truth it would seem is then contained within Him. I also remembered that The Church was the body of Christ, thus, the Church is the Truth, or at least the guardian of it. But then what is ‘The Church’? Well Pope John Paul II said, that “you are the Church”, that The Church is the people. So it would seem to follow that the people are, essentially, the truth. This made even more sense to me when considering what I perceived the point of Catholicism was, to become the perfect Love which is Christ, or essentially, in a sense of the word largely beyond human comprehension, to become Jesus Christ. As God became man and died with us so that man could become God and live with Him. I think there are many many many other parallels which can be drawn and elaborated on from scripture (as this would seem to me to be the basic point of scripture), but my basic point is that it shouldn’t at all surprise me then, that in looking for ‘reasons to believe’ or ‘the truth’ the only place I could really rest was with the profound Love which could often be seen to radiate from those in (and who are) The Church. For just as the Sun continuously burns against herself to illuminate the barren and desolate moon amidst the darkness of the night, so too does God burn against Himself to give light to humanity’s perpetual darkness of the heart by lighting up the Church with His very own Love in order that She may shine upon the darkness of our world so that those who dare to look up and gaze at Her Beauty may come to know the Truth which is Christ.

But all that being said, the point is, that for me the people are the one and only true proof or reason to believe, and I love them, as they are She, and She is our Mother, and it is of course known to Catholics that it is through our Mother that we come to know Her Son, Jesus.

Of course, please take all this with a grain of salt as I was raised a secular Jew turned atheist and will be taking the RCIA in the fall and so have not even been baptised yet!


Hi J,

Thanks for your testimonial. It is a fact that the faith has been transmitted “live” from the apostles, without interruption, through generations of Christians who are “witnesses” of the Resurrection. I figure about 67 generations. That’s 20 grandfathers ago.



:slight_smile: Wow! [SIGN][size=]***[FONT=“Garamond”]Welcome to CAF!***[/SIGN]
I look forward to walking along with you on this journey of faith.

If you need anything, just feel free to PM or e-mail me through CAF here. I am at your service.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.[/FONT][/size]


Don’t forget Jesus!


Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
(John 11)


Of course! It is hard (and should be impossible) to argue with the Perfection of True Love. But also I think I’m trying to say that it is Christ in them that drew me to the Church.


Good point!




Welcome to the fam and to the forums.


Welcome home!


Sorry to come to this thread so late.
Your testimonial is so wonderful…I read it a cried “comrade”.
Yes Love is the core of Christ.
The Unconditional Love of God our creator, and Our Father.

God Will Bless you abundantly on Your Journey.



Hi and welcome Jcool !

You enlighten us as to an essential aspect of evangelization.
St. Francis would probably be proud of you. :slight_smile:

On this section of the forums we lead debates, examine new and old arguments, get insights. What you’re
wonderfully describing remains maybe much in the background.

True, we do not live in this forum, we’re precisely here to exchange suggestions, ideas, pieces of information.
But, together with that, do we share, do we make perceivable enough here, the joy of our personal meetings with Jesus, of belonging to a worldwide family, with the same Father, the same Master, the same Mother, the same earthly teachers, the same brothers … ?
Does Love radiate from our words ?
How can we send more clearly the message of His Love ?

Others will answer better than i could.

I can say discovering and “living” this forum was and is a joy for me. A new part of the joy to be in the family.

And this witness of yours, an insighful and loving witness about Love, is a new gift of this joy.

Thank you my brother.


It was the living witness of John Paul II that helped me become Catholic, along with finally “getting” Mary’s place in salvation history and her ineffable aid/prayers, not to mention the grace of God.

I quoted you Verbum because I was curious about your 67 generations. What did you use to get that number? I used the biblical number for a generation, 40 years (not that that is the “superior” method, but just thought it a good place to start :wink: ), and came up with 50.2 (including the people of Jesus’ generation) generations.


I think it is a thing of beauty, that’s what this “guy” thinks. :thumbsup:
Im kinda jealous because converts - especially former atheists - have the best conversions stories!
I want to comment a little more seriously on some of the things you mentioned above. One of the most mysterious and truly awe inspiring parts of our faith is that God has chosen to effect his plan of salvation through humanity. Christ became a man to accomplish what Man could not, and Christ takes man and creates something new and allows them to participate in his redemptive work. “I have been crucified with Christ, but I live - no longer I - but Christ lives in me! Insofar as I now live I live by faith in the Son of God, who has loved me and given himself up for me.” Whenever you witness Christ in another and your heart is open to seeing Him, you will see and you will be drawn to follow.
When you do pursue them, not really understanding entirely why, they will always, always point you to Him. Soon it will be your honor to do the same!



DANG, jcool!

That almost took my breath away. You seem to have the insight of a contemplative. After you enter the Church, pray for guidance on this, as it seems you have quite a gift. Christ is going to do marvelous things through you.

Persevere, my friend!


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