My Renaissance Literature Class


I suppose there is something to be said for experiencing art and opposing viewpoints in a public University, but my English class has gone overboard.

Today in class, we watched a film adaptation of Edward II (Christopher Marlowe). Supposedly, the play alludes to homosexuality as Edward’s tragic flaw. In this particular film, the homosexuality of the characters is a bit overemphasized. Nudity is particularly rampant, and all of the male characters kiss at one point or another. Although I have friends that are homosexual, they tend to keep their overt public displays away from people (as should all, homosexual or heterosexual, relationships).

There was one scene in particular that I found offensive. A local bishop who opposed the King’s gay lover was degraded and (for lack of a better word) molested in prison. It would be different if this was to show the immorality of homosexuality, but it comes across as being a gross affront to religion as a whole.

The class in and of itself is taught by a former Catholic who makes snide comments about Catholicism being homophobic and other such tripe. When an editor of our book declared homosexuality as Edward’s perverse flaw, the comment was met with terms such as “ignorance”, “homophobia”, and “backwards”. The professor never questioned these comments.

Ugh, I’m just sick with the whole faux-open-mindedness of my school :rolleyes:


Side comment: If he’s the same Edward I’m thinking about, his tomb is in Gloucester Cathedral, and I’ve seen it several times. His effigy is lying on its side rather than on its back (the usual position); I’m not sure what the significance of that is.



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