My Retraction Re my Spiritual Director

[FONT=Calibri]My Retraction Re my Spiritual Director[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]My SD is a very good and holy man. I should not have made him the target in my grief. I lashed out and the person who has the most influence with me and who has been intimately involved in my spiritual life and the person who knows me best was unfortunately fair game. I apologise to him most profusely. He told me many years ago spiritual directors can be used by the good Lord to try people. I believe my spiritual director has always done Gods will and acted in an appropriate manner. He just didn’t know the pain I went through. The pain was a cross the good Lord has willed for me and it’s caused great suffering. It was suffering from God to purify and sanctify me. It was not my spiritual directors fault. I guess God knows how to purify us and He did this with me. Spiritual direction is a great blessing for all. I highly recommend it. Once again I apologise to my spiritual director and ask him to understand my frail and unstable state of mind when I lashed out. I’m sorry. I appreciate the kind words and support and prayers of all. It’s helping. Thank you. Please pray for my spiritual director in case he’s hurt by this.[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]God bless all and my spiritual director:([/FONT]

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