My Review Of " Answering Jahovah's Witnesses" By Jason Evert

Ok someone asked me to Post on what I’ve read & what I think about the Book So Here I Go .

I’ve Read Some of the Book & to me its so refreshing to read something that isn’t Bashing another Religion But Explains how they are & how they get people into their cult everything that’s in this book is the exact same thing that the Lady that comes here on Sunday’s talk about I mean exactly the same thing & its funny reading Jason’s Book & hearing Jehovah Witness when they come to Speak w/you its as if Jason is setting in your living room listening to they’re conversations with you .

What really trip’s me out is how they’ve been able to Erase What the very First Leader Charles T Russel Taught to what They’re teaching now & How they’ve been able to change their teachings & doctrines with each leader they’ve Erased Each leaders Doctrines to fit the Present leader of their Organization most of the Books that the Watchtower Published back in the Early 80’s & 90’s you won’t see them in any Kingdom Hall today because I believe they do not want their Members knowing how Shady & Not really whom they are & this is why they keep their members in the dark & tell them not to get on any computer because If more of their Members get unbrainwashed & start to research & buy old WT Books they’ll see how Dark the WT & Jehovah Witnesses are & how untrue they’ve been I however think like the Book said I don’t believe any member would leave but instead Deny it & become in denial of what the WT & JW’s are .

I also Would Question A Religion who Don’t call themselves A religion but A Organization & A Organization that’s keeping their members Ignorant of the true darkness that it is trying so hard to hide from them I wouldn’t want to Join Because Their not the Real Deal That’s why they Continue to Bash Us Catholics & Our Faith & Religion because They know who they really are , & that we as Catholics have never changed Doctrines Or anything at least from my reading on Our Faith we haven’t & Also Most of them are ex-Catholics who’ve drifted away from the Church which is Terror in my eyes & I think we should be Worried for Our Brothers & Sisters who’ve been Shake down to believe JW & WT Darkness there’s no light in what they’re teaching at all .

Plus Did you know that Charles T Russel got his Teaching’s for the Jehovah’s Witnesses from another Man he was partners with before he branched off to himself & created “The Jehovah Witnesses” & he toke out Christ Jesus that the Other Guy had Included & Created Jehovah God so His Teaching wasn’t his own & he toke off Jesus & created Jehovah God were the Origin & Original Teachings were About Jesus been Jesus & not something Crazy like Jehovah God & Jehovah is Archangel Michael.

JL: I have read that book and found it very informative. I’m reading another by a former JW now Protestant. The book is Answering jehovah’s Witnesses Subject by Subject by David A Reed.

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