My rosary came! what do I do?


My rosary came today!!! This is mine, so you know the size and everything–
I went to Catholic school from 1st-2nd grade and I’m now in 10th grade at public school, so I’ve forgotten some of the rosary, and the order you pray in. I remember the Hail Marys and the Our Father prayer but I don’t remember the Apostle’s Creed or any of the other prayers. Can someone give me a list of how to other prayers go and what order I say everything in?
I’m excited! Thanks so much!


This is a great site at EWTN that explains how to pray the rosary.

My husband and I use this website a lot. God bless!!

#3 This is a great site for learning to pray the Rosary. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


You can also go to this website:

It guides you through the entire thing. It’s good to do when you feel like you don’t want to do it alone or when you are just learning how to pray the rosary. :thumbsup:


The others have given you really good websites to help you learn how to pray the rosary and I would add only one other thing. In the title of your post, you ask, “now what do I do?” I would take your rosary to your parish priest and ask him to bless it. :wink: God bless.


Hi “ashka” :wave: How wonderful! You have your rosary! :slight_smile: Now, you will have the extreme joy of praying Our Lady’s Psalter (The Rosary).

Here is an online Rosary… which may be of help to you. I keep a Rosary near my computer and have often used this sight, to pray the Rosary online. I hope that it will be of help to you! God bless you, dear soul.


Thanks for all the great links!
I appreciate your help.


Mrs V…Thank you :tiphat:for the perpetual prayer site. :slight_smile:


Father Corapi has an interactive rosary on his new website It is wonderful to pray with him. He also has an interactive Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Check them out.

God Bless


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