My Seminary Experience


As was common practice in the 1940s, candidates for the priesthood were sought in Catholic grade schools and those young teenagers who felt called went off to a Preparatory Seminary, this one being Holy Cross Seminary at Notre Dame, Indiana. The young seminarians began a period of formation that profoundly transformed their lives. The training was rigorous, but kind and gentle.

The following jottings describe the spiritual development of these youngsters as they learned about divine things, accepted them and strived to advance in stages to a closer relationship to God.

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This is beautiful, wonderfully and creatively composed, very moving, and definitely worth a read


Lovely poems. :thumbsup: Are these autobiographical, or just historical?

At any rate, an account of this sort is always worth reading. It reminds me a bit of Clive Sansom’s The Witnesses. Good work!


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


I like the poem which stated “when You … were as close as the shafts of grass on the path near the lake”.


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