My great need of Prayer in regard

to this. I started a thread asking about resolving conflict , I reflected I was going about it wrong … at least in the thread I was looking for one size fits all… I guess. … The Root of most of my conflicts with other Christians (making it more shameful) …my Temper. I run hot or cold! I have a mild OCD prob…and insomnia I use a shrink (I actually only go in about every 4 months more med management thing) I asked Doc. J… If he thought I had a mild bipolar issue…he has been my Doc… 10? Years…very smart guy…he said no…" you do not meet the depression spectrum…nor the manic or even hypo-manic criteria : asked about maniacs with anger probs he said…those tend to be severe…and are rapid cycle range…as to being angry in the manic spectrum …“they tend to be in constant anger” …Pathetic thing Beloved… I in a sick way wanted him to say I met the illness …I would have been an excuse…(sad what we run to to deal with our pet sins)… I have a good but strange :wink: sense of humor it is my positive expression of coping… we all have God given outlets to deal with the “slings and fortunes” of life I think…my dark outlet is my anger… I am not violent!!! My weapons are words … and I can be…very cruel in the usage. I tend to regret what I say… But words damage…I aim low and cut sharp…it is a added part of my sin…my God Given Skill Set…I have to Care for my Company…my Wife…my Church …my Community… I take the God Given Skill Set…(all Gods people have a Skill Set of which they are to be good Stewards of…) I use mine to my deep shame…to wound…to lash out. I want to have a Grace…it is what I ask anyone willing to pray for … I want a Grace to Bridle my tongue !!! To use my words…to help and heal…and build up …not to be destructive with…I am an unworthy servant indeed Beloved!!! Please pray for me…Pax Et Bonum.

Praying for you…

Praying hard.

Thank you!!! Hard prayer is…exactly what I need!!! Blessings.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death

St. Jude, pray for him!

Thank you, blessings.

Bless you Chris! Thank you!

Lord, I believe it was St. Francis de Sales who used to have a bad temper until her changed and became super meek and gentle … and once he changed he never changed back. Please help Elvis Guy to change and become meek, gentle and patient. Help him to resist lashing out with mean words, help him to keep silent whenever he feels agitated. May he pray a lot and do a lot of spiritual reading, and meet with a priest for spiritual direction so he can master his temper and enjoy a good life in you. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.

Wow!!! I much admire de Sales! I never knew temper was a thing he had struggled with! Thank you for sharing that!!!

St Jerome had a temper also.
I hope you find the cause, some recent research claimed that one of the things that exacerbates a tendency to anger is too much soda! Who knows. But God knows that you are trying to overcome the tendency which could also have become a habit of response. If so, may the Lord aid you in strategies to mitigate that. However, whatever the difficulty I ask the Lord to aid you. God bless you.

My daughter is bipolar also. Will pray that you find peace.

Lol…sorry my bad typing from my injured wrist slipped again…I do NOT have a bipolar issue, I have an OCD and insomnia stuff I am treated for…mea Culpa…I said I asked my Dr. If I was he has treated me 10 years and is an expert on bipolar disorders…I said…(I was sick…in the sense …I almost hoped he said Bipolar so I would have an excuse!) forgive the confusion…some besetting sins…are sins of the heart and spirit it is there i must seek release and deliverance… A prior poster mentioned soft drinks…we keep some small cokes 6 once in the pantry I usually will grab one if I have an upset stomach with some saltines…I have nothing to hide behind no illness no excuses…hence my need for prayer. Again forgive the confusion ! Pax Et Bonum .

Dear Elvis Guy,
it’s nice that you humbly state that you have nothing to hide behind, that it’s all your fault, etc. It’s nice that you don’t want to pass the buck,
but you are forgetting, dear brother, that you (and all of us) were born with original sin,
a lack of sanctifying grace in our souls. This lack has disrupted every aspect
of our human nature, body and soul. The effects of Original Sin manifest themselves in different people in different ways. Some people have a tendency to lie. Some to steal.
Some have same-sex attraction. Some are overly-lustful toward the opposite sex.
And some, like you, have very hot tempers.
Yes, you need to try to get it under control, but the fact that you are ashamed of it
and are asking for prayer help shows that you are, at heart, not such a bad guy.
Go a little easier on yourself.
And pray a novena of Nine “Memorares” to ask Holy Mary to obtain you
the grace from Jesus to gradually overcome the bad habit.
And Saint Jerome had a very nasty and vicious temper.
He was brutal, verbally, to those he disagreed with. Downright cruel, in fact.
God bless you ElvisGuy,

May your Guardian Angel nudge your concience before you allow anger to take hold and remind you of His presence with you! My prayer for you tonight.


Thank you! I the reflections are very good and useful!

Still need help…I did a post… Someone answers “with horn” and rather than turn the cheek I go off deeper than the offense Merited

Don’t know why…Elvis…but you really make me laugh. Your weird sense of humor (quoting your wife here) is always with you, for better or for worse, in good times and in bad!:mad:

Sounds like you are a deep and caring sort, but with an irascible temperament. Bit of a conflict there (this I know myself, only too well), but it will keep you humble. So, put away the :tissues:and start thanking God for giving you that ‘defect’ that keeps you humble. Yes, humble you are, just don’t realise it yet. (e.g. you would not be posting for help, if you were not - - or?)

My favorite saying when people criticise me for my smoking habit is “A dog must have fleas,…to know it’s a dog.”

Pray prayers of trust and thanksgiving. A priest once said “In all things, thank God” - have never forgotten that.

The Virgin Mary, who believed in the word of the Lord, did not lose her
faith in God when she saw her Son rejected, abused and crucified. Rather she
remained beside Jesus, suffering and praying, until the end. And she saw the
radiant dawn of His Resurrection. Let us learn from her to witness to our
faith with a life of humble service, ready to personally pay the price of
staying faithful to the Gospel of love and truth, certain that nothing that
we do will be lost.

— Pope Benedict XVI, Angelus - September 13, 2009

Lol…my humor as such…Texan of Irish stock…is a tad offbeat and tongue in cheek…the fact I like irony and subtle words play…well…even in high school…I would be with people in our lunch room…I would say something and 3 reactions would occur … My mates my friends and some who had rather warped humor shaped by Kaufman to Python …would just…start chocking (if they had food or drink in mouth )… Those lucky enough to be empty mouthed and equally deranged …would have laughter tears running…then group 2 …silence, stares…I don’t get it…whys that funny.? Then a 3rd group…these were the sort who were a tad paranoid regarding this deranged humor…they seemed to think a jape was at them or to mess with them (oddly I found them too dull to joke with…or even about some of them were lame enough it was not worthwhile to even have them as barbs! However that lot…the as say were almost paranoid they would huff…mutter…some would amble off…which oddly was a mistake…since my Friends would see their backs as they sought more amiable seating…my friends seeing this would actually laugh harder!!! So they in irony who were not even the butt of my japes and jests would hear laughter behind them…and were more convinced they were part of some veiled punch line …lol…was it Ambrose who said: I am as God made me!:slight_smile:

Well described, couldn’t say it better…sigh…the dull are difficult. And spoil sports. Know some myself. In fact, it’s taken me a while to realise that that very ‘dullness’, slow to catch on, is what prevents them from appreciating subtle humor. Couple that with the stiff neck of pride they drape themselves with . . always taking offence (at what I now realise, is they can’t understand, so their inflated pride tells them that the joke is stupid and not worth their ‘intellect’, so they look down their noses at the people who think it funny - not perceiving the reality that they in fact are unable to grasp it, never mind appreciate it)…:bigyikes: where is my charity???:confused:what’s that?

Well, you just hit my funny bone there, normally discipline myself to be good in most circumstances, but proud morons still rattle my bars…

:tsktsk::tsktsk:think must pray about letting them walk off thinking they were the butt of a joke…even though it is self inflicted…

Must be the Celtic streak. My favorite author is Robert Louis Stevenson; came across a book of his short stories - amazing! I’ll quote here from one called The Misadventures of John Nicholson -
“John Varey Nicholson was stupid; yet stupider men than he are now sprawling in Parliament, and lauding themselves as the authors of their own distinction. He was of a fat habit, even from boyhood, and inclined to a cheerful and cursory reading of the face of life; and possibly this attitude of mind was the original cause of his misfortunes.”

“Mr Nicholson (his father) himself had a great fund of humor, of the Scots order - intellectual, turning on the observation of men; his own character, for instance - if he could have seen it in another - would have been a rare feast to him; but his son’s empty guffaws over a broken plate, and empty, almost light-headed remarks, struck him with pain as the indices of a weak mind.”

His dad was a fair minded old gent, and was as kind and tolerant as one could be. Let us pray to be like him.

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