My sin is too great to confess...please help me


There is no easy way to put this:

A long time ago (about six months) back in my Methodist church there was this boy and he was doing something very,. very wrong with this under aged girl. I told people about it but they didn’t seem to care, even her mum.
So I was very upset about this and so I took it to God. I prayed to the father that this boy would be stopped, that he would have something severe happen to him so that he could not abuse her. Any way, I prayed on a daily basis like there would be no tomorrow and finally something happened - he was hit with a illness. It was a spinal infection and it paralyzed him. He is still in hospital today! And he is paralyzed still from the waist down so he can’t walk! This is exactly what I asked for! But now what do I do? Was it just a coincidence? Or am I guilty of sin? I can’t tell any one because they will know who I’m talking about!


A man after God’s own heart wrote Psalm 69. Start reading in verse 22.

Also, the fact that God answered your prayer should not cause you any guilt.


No sin is too great for the forgiveness of God. I feel that maybe you should have been praying for a conversion of his heart and mind than that of retribution. Yes, what he did was terrible, but that is between him and God and if you had gone to the police they would have put an end to it… as a victim of child molestation I can understand why you might not want to do that and even why you don’t want to talk about it, but obviously you feel guilty by your post. You need to talk to someone about this, a priest would be the best bet because he is bound by the secrecy of the confessional. Believe me when I say that there is NO sin too great to be forgiven but the only way it can be is by telling it rather than keeping it locked inside.


Zundrah, in my unexpert, layman’s opinion, you did not sin. You were not praying for God to injure him, you were praying to protect the defenceless; the fact that severe injury did occur to him is actually only an aftereffect. This actually falls under the Principle of Double Effect. Also, you may have prayed for it, but God did it because that’s what He knew was best; it’s not like **you **paralyzed him. :slight_smile:

Defence and malice are two very different things.


Jude child, thank you for clearing that up! I do feel better about it but what about his paralysis? Do you think it is permanent? Should I even care about him?:shrug: At the moment I just want him to stay that way because now the girl is fine and away from him. But if he recovers he will abuse her again.


I couldn’t talk to a priest about it. I’ve only attended my catholic church for two weeks now?
If I told him he would probably want me to reverse the prayer, but I don’t want to!


I don’t know if it’s permenant or not. I’m a pianist, not a doctor :D. Should you care about him? I’d say yes, but if you think he’d continue what he was doing before, you should definately pray now for his conversion. Severe injury does have a tendency of making people come to terms with their mortality and oftentimes leads to complete life turn-arounds; it’s part of “the Plan”. If you know this person, maybe you could confront him; I know that’d be hard, but it may be beneficial for his salvation. How’s the girl doing now?


The girl? She is okay. But that’s with out stating the obvious!
I don’t care about him, I want to leave him as he is. Because I know for a fact that he will do it again, she is very gullible and easy to lead.


That’s the thing!!! If God answer my prayer then surely there is nothing wrong with that!?
God was on my side as he usually is in my life, but this is a bit of a dilemma!
I have never had something so physical come from God before - well at least nothing negative anyway. But this isn’t negative. The man is evil and God is holding him down. He is not in pain (in Jesus name) but thank the Lord that this girl is safe from him now.:o


I think judechild has this sorted. Good, concise analysis.


…his words are easier said than done…


Why did you not report this to the police? I suspect you are talking about some sort of sexual abuse. This is a crime. Just because a person is paralyzed does not mean he will not find other ways to abuse if he wants to.

You have a responsibility to keep others safe from this person if you know about it.



It’s so easy for you to say this. But I know how these things work. He will deny it, she will deny it to protect him, and all that stupidity… I’ve seen it all before Lisa.


You should never not ask forgiveness because you are afraid you will not like the penance. Are you really sorry if that is the case?

It is perfectly fine to be frustrated by the boy’s actions. Even to be mad at him or to come to defense of the girl. But if you don’t want to pray for him to get better, it sounds like there is a deeper issue. It sounds like you hate him and are holding this against him.

You have to remember that you cannot judge his heart, only his actions. If God forgives him, then shouldn’t you?

Maybe your prayer should be for God’s will. Whatever that is in this situation. Pray for the conversion of the boy’s heart.


My name is Liza.

What he is doing is a CRIME! You are aware of someone committing a criminal act and yet you refuse to report him to the authorities. THIS is your sin. You are required to protect someone in harm if you can do so. You KNOW this person is abusing a child and yet you are not reporting it, and only praying about it. Yes - prayer is good and necessary, but you MUST report this criminal.



Hate the sin, not the sinner.

If we want God’s forgiveness, we must also forgive.


Zundra, you should report it anyway. I know it’s tough and scary, but it’s your obligation as a citizen and as a Christian to do so. The police and Child Protective Services receive tons of these reports annually. They’re very familiar with the process and the emotions involved. I used to work at a child advocacy center. The abuser will always deny doing anything wrong, that’s nothing new. The victim will also often deny that anything bad happened. This occurs when she considers herself old or mature enough to consent to sex or if she feels that her abuser really loves her. The police know this. But an objective third party randomly making a serious accusations with no reason to lie? Very rare. You will be taken seriously, Zundra. An investigation can uncover the truth. And even if this girl never gets justice, that fact that you reported it could help protect someone else from him in the future. For example, should he start abusing someone new and the new victim did want to press chanrges, your documented report demonstrates to the police and to the court that this has been a problem in the past and the new victim should be taken seriously.

As for confession, if you were praying that this man be paralyzed or hit by a bus or something similar, you should confess it. We’re to pray for our enemies’ wellbeing and conversion of heart, not that they be smited. If your were instead praying for the safety of the girl involved and asked for “something severe” like a prison sentence to prevent him from harming her again, then I wouldn’t consider this a sin. But either way I would suggest you go to confession and explain the situation to a priest. He has heard everything before. He’s heard people confess child abuse, praying for someone else’s demise, anger, fear, everything. Nothing will shock him.

God bless.


I just wanted to say that this reply is EXCELLENT, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.


Praying for God’s justice is not a sin- you should also pray for the person’s conversion though. There was this place once that my brother used to hang out in where they did all kinds of creepy witchcraft games. I prayed that God would destroy the place and keep my brother from it. Something happened to it not long after that- I can’t remember, but it either burned down, or was burglarized and they had to close.


You have just told all of us about this situation, so you CAN tell it to your priest. He will guide you. I do not think you should feel responsible for his illness, certainly you should now pray for his healing, but also a change of heart so that he will never again commit the kinds of sins he was previously.

remember that St Dominic Savio prayed that he would suffer death rather than commit a mortal sin. To suffer a bodily illness rahter than a spiritual one may be a grace from God for this boy so that he doesn’t further endanger his immortal soul.

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