My sister has left the church

How can I bring her back? I’m 18, she’s 33. She’s living with this guy, not married. I pray for her all the time, but I want to do something.

You already are. Prayers are so powerful. Try to keep yourself focussed on God’s love. Live your faith the best you are able. Maybe you can ask her to go with you to Mass sometime?

Our prayers can help prepare someone so they will be able to respond to God, when the right time comes :slight_smile: also if we pray, God might change circumstances or events to help the person. Also, our example is very important.

"My strength lies in prayer and sacrifice; they are invincible weapons, and touch hearts more surely than words can do" St Therese

Keep up your prayers~ God acts in miraculous ways

Be persistent in prayer. I too left the Church for a while and I have a strong feeling that I had people praying for me. It took at least five years, but thanks to the prayers, when she returns, her faith will be stronger than it ever has been :slight_smile:

I don’t know if she is a patron Saint for conversions, but try praying to St. Faustina- she is the Saint who triggered the beginning of my return.

Also, try giving her the Green Scapular. If she won’t accept it, then find a way to hide it in her house. You can say the prayer on her behalf and the devotion is known for it’s healing and especially conversions.

Thanks! You guys are awesome! :smiley: I’ve asked her to go to mass and she said maybe, I’ll just keep praying and asking :stuck_out_tongue:

“Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world” – Pope Pius IX

Says it all. Keep her in your Rosary intentions and keep praying.:thumbsup:

That’s a good start. I advised this to another poster in another section. You can make it more subtle but nevertheless beneficial for both of you. Suggest a date (which will include a mass), an appointment, like lunch in an interesting place after the mass. The idea is to get together. You are sisters after all. Try it every week and hopefully it will become a habit. Make the first move, propose a suggestion. Pay for the occasion if you can afford it or let her since most probably she is already earning a living. As a younger sister she’d probably like it if you ask her for anything.This kind of thing does wonder to build relationship especially for members of the family.

Build the relationship first. If she becomes very close to you and see that you care and as a friend, it would be easier to talk about other matters.

God bless you.

I second this suggestion. Get together for the dates when you can, and make going to mass a part of the date. It is only with perseverence that it will become ingrained and an automatic thing that you don’t give a second thought to. Like tieing your shoe laces or reading the time on your watch. Be ready always, and pray, pray, pray.
God Bless

tell her she is going to Hell :smiley:

just kidding… :o

but seriously… the saints say that most people end up in Hell over sexual immorality…

& they also say that not many make it to Heaven regardless… scary…

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