My sister is coming this weekend--we're going to mass together!


:extrahappy: I have been praying for this to happen…my sister is coming back to the faith, everyone!!!:slight_smile: Isn’t that great? For those of you have followed this ‘story,’ she is leaving that guy, once and for all (he actually has been treating her pretty awfully) and asked if she could stay the weekend with me, this weekend. I said of course! I did what you all directed me to do…just kept praying…but I was a shoulder for her to cry on…some advice here and there, but just was ‘there’ for her. She told me today, that perhaps one of the reasons God brought us to Florida, was to help her. To lead her back to Him. :heaven: If I’m this happy–God must be having a party…He rejoices over a lost sheep coming back!!:slight_smile:

Just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers–don’t stop praying…she’s really hurting from this horrible relationship…and has learned a lot from it. She asked me the other night, on the phone–in her tears…‘what have I possibly learned from this??’ I said…‘that you can’t live without God.’ She said…‘Hmmm…you are RIGHT!’ :clapping: Just so happy that she’s coming to see us all…

JUST WANTED TO SHARE MY JOY…AND…BEST THING OF ALL? She wants to go to mass, and asked me to pray a novena for her??? Wow!


:bounce: Sharon, you must be doing the happy dance that I was doing a few weeks ago! :dancing: This is amazing news!! I bet you are right that there is a party in heaven for her. The good Lord rejoices so much when a lost one returns home.

God bless you!!


Praise the Lord! What a wonderful bit of news. We all need to hear stories like this. God bless you and your sister.


**Wow! That is so awesome!! See, God did send you to FL for more than your job, He sent you there to be there for her during this. I can’t wait to hear how the weekend goes!!! :bounce: :clapping: :extrahappy: :dancing: **


I’m so very happy to hear that! Prayers of thanksgiving are heading your way!


So happy for you…and her! Awesome:bounce: !!


EASY does it! Be gentle. Act “normal” – as if that word could apply to ANYBODY on these forums, heh heh.

Is it too soon to ask her if she wants to go to Confession?


Praise God! Thank You Jesus! What awesome news! I will keep her in my prayers as she makes this incredible journey back to the Faith! :extrahappy:


That is wonderful news!!! I do think Mercygate is correct when she said easy does it… don’t get your hopes up so high they come crashing down!!! Celebrate this moment but don’t forget to keep praying…

I hope it doesn’t sound like I am trying to rain on your parade… I just don’t want you to get upset if she decides to go back to him again… just keep being there for her and it will show her what true love is and is not…kwim?


whatevergirl, that is wonderful news! praise God! i love going to Mass with my family:) its wonderful! my big sister might be coming this weekend and if she does, and iam up to it healthwise, i will go with her:) iam looking forward to her coming! and if my other big sister comes next week, hope hope hope, iam going to go to Mass with her as well if i can:) they are both faithful Catholics, but there is something really wonderful about going to Mass with your family:) i went for the first time with my entire family on june 22sd. it was really lovely to be there with my entire family:)


Maybe you could ask her to go to Confession on Saturday with you. Don’t be pushy, maybe suggest:

“Since you have not been to Mass in a while, I thought it would be a good idea if we went to Confession. Then we can both receive the Lord in the Eucharist on Sunday!”

I have done this with a couple of other people to help them overcome the anxiety of going to Confession. I think it would be extremely helpful to your sister to have you with her before she goes in to the confessional. You could review the specifics of the sacrament with her so that she doesn’t feel lost when she goes in.

Even if she isn’t ready for confession, by all means rejoice that she WANTS to go to Mass with you!!! It is a giant step in the right direction.


Just a note of caution: it’s fairly rare, in my experience, for converts or reverts to have an overnight conversion like you see in the Bible. As she starts pulling the pieces of her life back together, she might resist “coming back” fully more and more. It’s typical human nature–as soon as we think we’ve got it all together, we start thinking God may not have had as much to do with it as we gave Him credit for while in our misery. If this happens, just be strong and love her. The devil hates repentance, and he’s going to re-double his efforts to reclaim “his” lost sheep…


Thanks everyone…I was really happy about it…got an email this morning from her that read how excited she is…and I told her I’d call her this evening to give her directions…like around 7 or 8 pm…she said that is perfect. Guess what? I have left three messages for her since 8pm…and she has not called me back. I really will be angry if she doesn’t show up…I gave up going to this women’s group at church (my first meeting) so to be here for my sister…If she stays with him, seriously, I’m not visiting her. I want nothing to do with this guy. I will pray for him, but I do nt want to associate with someone like this, nor have my kids around someone like this.:mad:

My kids say…if she doesn’t call by 11pm, then think she isn’t coming. I pray nothing happened to her:( I can’t believe I even have to think this way–but with her not answering my calls…it makes me wonder now???


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