My sister is in BIG trouble


Her dog died early this week and she is dying to get a new puppy. I just talked to her on the phone and she told me to check my e-mail. So I opened it up and there is this picture from an ad of the cutest yellow lab puppy that she’s trying to convince her hubby to let her get. Then she sends me to a web page of labrador images. NOW I WANT ONE!!! :mad: :smiley:

I told her DH is gonna kill er when he finds out what she put in my head, lol…


masondoggy, I know what you mean about a puppy!

My newf died.

I have been dogless for 4 whole months!! It’s awful. My house is way too clean. No hair on my clothes or in my food…life is just so lonely without someone worshipping the ground I walk on. Lord knows my husband doesn’t do that, neither do the kids.

So, get your Lab puppy. I think I may be getting a puppy soon, too.


We figured out that our dog has cost us an average $25.00 per month, that is including all of his food and vet bills. If we had to pay for all the entertainment (and love) he gives us, we could never find enough money!!

It took my DH one trip to the pound to finally agree to let me have a dog after we married. We went with the agreement that we would just look. We actually made it back out to our car before he said “OK, lets go back and get him before someone else does”

Now I have been trying to talk him into a second one, I have been banned from visiting the pound :crying:


Ok, I hope that this comes through because I have horrible luck at gettin pictures on here.

This is who we couldn’t leave at the pound!!! His name is Mr. Killian


He’s cute! :smiley:


Oooooo!!! We ought to start a doggie picture thread. It probably ought to go in the Back Fence forum, though…

I think I’ll start one.


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