My sister just had a miscarriage


about eight weeks into her pregnancy. it would have been her second child. naturally, she’s upset. she’s episcopalian (i recently became catholic). i’d like to send her a book that:

  1. comforts her
  2. brings her closer to god
  3. is written by a catholic author (and thus brings her a little closer to the catholic church, but doesn’t beat her over the head with it).

the third point is important. although i’d like for her to become catholic, i need to be careful that i don’t push too hard, especially right now.

any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated (and prayers for my sister as well).


This was a very touching book… Letters To Gabriel, by Karen Santorum. (The Senator’s wife.) It was about her later miscarriage of her son. A very touching and faith-filled book. Maybe some of the other moms here might be familiar and be able to tell you if they think it’s too “Catholic.” But it’s mostly about a mother losing her baby. I’m very sorry for your sister’s loss.


Prayers for your sister and family. May her new little Saint intercede for her and help bring her to the Church soon! :angel1:


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