My sister might not believe in Jesus?

Not sure if this is the right section of the forums, but I thought this was the most fitting.

I have no idea what has gotten into my sister. She was raised Catholic and was very close with her faith. The first thing she did when she woke up on Christmas was yell, “Happy Birthday Jesus!” She also used to plan on becoming a nun…

Anyway, now she is saying things like she does not believe in organized religion and that the Bible was written by people with outside intentions. When I ask her if she believes in Jesus she says she “doesn’t know.”

It kinda just really confuses me, I’m not sure why she doesn’t believe all of a sudden. It’s not like she’s some idiot that believes what ever she reads on the internet, she just graduated valedictorian and is going away to college now, so I know that she probably won’t be going to church. Any suggestions as to what I should try to do?

Nothing, She’s an adult and can make her own choices about what religion, if any, she wishes to follow.

You could ask her why she suddenly doesn’t seem to believe. She might be honest and open with you, or she might not.

Yes. Mind your own business and let her grow up.

Pray for her.

Pray for her, love her, and trust God to work in her heart. Be honest with your own faith, let your light shine. I come from a non-believing family - it’s been my life trying to always pray for my mom and my sisters, who flatly ignore religion. But God has a plan, and I try to trust in His plan, offering my love for them to Him who is Love.

Why don’t you read some challenging books together and discuss? You can do that long-distance. Try Bart Ehrman on the Bible. (He’s now an agnostic, but well-disposed towards Christianity)

I will be guessing it has something to do with the High-school she attended. If she attended a public school more than likely that would be the root cause, many of these schools are involved in promoting anti-Christian values and supporting pro-GLBT and planned parenthood agendas.

Pray for her, sounds like she has opted to go with the leftist feminist secular crowd like most young ladies in this country. If she goes to your standard secular University this influences will increase and will probably become antagonist towards the faith.

God Bless this hurts, but people have free will and the oppositions message is enticing an many believe that it is empowering.

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