My sister needs a miracle


My sister needs as many prayers as possible. She is 30 years old and has been fighting breast cancer for the last 5. The cancer is back and has spread to her bones, lungs, and may have spread to her bone marrow. She has been in the hospital for the last week and a half because she has fluid around her lungs and is getting it drained. She cannot start chemo until the fluid is gone. She has so much to offer in life. I am begging, that any one that reads this pray for the recovery of my sister. Thank you in advance for the prayers.


Praying. Do you know the Divine Mercy Chaplet ? Pray it by her bedside. I’m a stage 3 cancer survivor and I wish I knew it when I was sick.


Jesus please come to the aid of Nick’s sister. She is loved and has much to share. Please bring her healing so that she can continue to delight her family.

I ask Blessed Zelie Martin (the mother of St Therese of Lisieux) and her father Louis who is also beatified, with St Therese and her holy sisters, all to pray powerfully for healing of Nick’s sister, as Zelie had breast cancer.


I’m adding her to my daily Divine Mercy starting at 6pm.


Praying for your sister…


Just an update:

My sister is having talc put in. This will basically glue the lining of the lungs to the lungs so no fluid can build up. Hopefully she can start on chemo tomorrow. Thank you for the prayers thus far and I ask that you please keep praying.

Thank you very much


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Immaculate heart of Mary pray for her,
Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on her and on us.



My sister had a rough not last night…she said it was the scariest night of her life. The oxygen in her blood was very low, and she couldn’t breathe. Doctor said that it looks like there is air around her lungs that took the place of the fluid. Also, she had chest xrays done last night…There is a thickening around the lungs…doctor said it could be infection, pneumonia, or cancer progression…he was not sure. Anyone that reads this, please pray for my sisters health. Right now, I am getting the sinking feeling, that it will take a miracle, by Gods hand, to help my sister. I appreciate the prayer so far, and ask that you keep praying for my sister.

Thank you and God Bless


praying for your sister


May Jesus Christ pass his healing hand on your sister, that she may recover to the fullest extent, I beg that the father shed his mercy upon her and allow her to keep living life.

Mary our mother in heaven please heal this woman from her illness, in her youth she just has so much to offer left.

Father if you do happen to call your daughter back to your kingdom pease remeber her at the hour of her death save her and bring her back to paradise.

All of this I pray

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread, and foregive us our tesspasses as we foregive those who tresspass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.


Praying to St. Peregrine for a miracle for your sister!


Praying hard for you and your sister!


Continued prayers …



Nick, your sister is in my prayer.


nick2238, i am so sorry beyond words for your sister’s illness, for i know that you must be suffering as well. please stay strong, and please take care of yourself. please know that i will definitely be keeping both you and your sister in my constant thoughts and deepest prayers, beginning with this one - -

Heavenly Father,
i lift up nick2238 to You, now, Lord, and ask that You would grant him hope and healing even in his sister’s illness. i pray that You would strengthen him, bless him and pour out Your Love upon him, so that he would remember that You are always close beside him, walking hand-in-hand with him, holding him when he hurts inside. i also lift up his sister, Lord, that she would receive a miracle and that her cancer would simply disappear. i trust that all things are possible for those who believe, that You can do all things, Lord, and i trust that You hear and will answer our prayers according to Your perfect will of Love. i know that his sister has so much to offer in life, Lord, and i just pray that you would bless both of them, strengthen both of them, heal both of them according to their needs and pour out Your Love and blessings upon both of them. i pray that nick2238’s sister would receive Your complete miracle, and that her healing would be a testament of Your grace, love, mercy and power to all those who don’t believe in You, and that many other lives would be touched and transformed as well by her miracle. i ask for your intercession, Blessed Mother and all the saints, and thank you for praying with us, in Jesus’ precious Name, always and forever, Amen.

please know, nick2238, that i will continue to say this prayer and keep you in my constant thoughts. know that you are far from alone in this – that we are all here for you, and care for you – and that God loves you more than you can ever imagine, and will take care of both you and your sister. please keep us updated on how things are going, and please feel free to message me at anytime if you ever need someone to talk to. God bless you both.

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison xx


I will pray for your sister and for you and all her family.


LORD Jesus
Heal ur Daughter


As we bow our heads in prayer and know how dire the situation is for your sister, we also know Jesus is the one great physcian of all…We pray dear Lord that Nicks sister has a miraculous healing, we know that if it be thy will ,you will do it speedily…With faith and hope we pray this with the sincerest of heart…All the glory goes to you , Jesus Christ.and our Father…Amen…Warmly, LynneMarie


Still praying very hard for her!

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