My sister with breast cancer


Please pray for my sister, who has been newly diagnosed with Stage lV Breast Cancer. The doctors will not operate but will start radiation today to relieve some of the pain from the cancer that has spread to her bones.

Please pray that she has strength, both physically and spiritually, to face the road ahead. And please pray for all of us who love her, that we give her the support that she needs.


I’ll be praying for your sister, and the rest of the family. :crossrc:


I’ll be praying for your sister. She needs to accept God’s will and only God can give her this strength.


Cancer radiation treatment is no fun. Please have lots of vanilla ice cream on hand. My sister had to have radiation treatments and was left with very bad nausea. It was the only thing she could eat for a while. I will pray for her.


I’ll pray for your sister today.


I will dedicate my morning prayer to your sister and all those who love her.


She’ll be part of my rosary and divine mercy as I drive home from work. We’re all pulling for her. And you.


I pray and hope the best for her. My aunt had a breast removed just last monday, and I only learned about it yesterday. I believe she is doing fine. I hope your sister’s medical treatment works out perfectly. Praying…:crossrc:


I’m very sorry to hear this news. Please know that you will all be in my prayers.



Prayers for Mary’s sister and her whole family at this most difficult time. May God give them the strength and courage needed to get through this journey with grace and compassion.


Your sister will be in my prayers. May the Blessed Mother and Mother Ignacia intercede for her. Amen







I will pray for your sister.


Prayers for your sister :crossrc:


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