My sister's wedding

**Is tomorrow!!!

please say a quick prayer that all goes well and that she and hubby-to-be are filled with joy tomorrow and have a great start to their new life together…

oh, and a few prayers that hubby and I can get ourselves and our 15 month old out the door on time couldn’t hurt either;)



And a good night’s sleep tonight!! :wink:

Crossing fingers that Lily falls asleep at the breast again tonight and stays asleep for as long as you need her to be asleep.

How’s her bump looking?

praying for safety, happiness, quick delivery of yourselves (that’s St. Gabriel), and no rain or other weather atrocity.

Praying for everything everyone else as said and that Lily’s bruise has gone down considerably.

:signofcross:Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of they womb, Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.:signofcross:

Brenda V

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**This was yesterday…it doesn’t look nearly as bad as when it happened. The swelling was so bad it looked like a tumor…today it looks about the same so we can expect it to look like this for the wedding pics…sucks but it’s much better than having to miss the wedding altogether if Lily got seriously hurt…


**Oh, I wanted to mention that neither my sis or her soon to be hubby are Catholic (or religious at all) so some extras prayers for their marriage to work out and hopefully lead them both to God would be great…


Malia you are a convert right? I will include prayers for a conversion of hearts (and heads) for the couple and that their Marriage be blessed (and eventually, co-validated).

What time is the wedding and in which time zone? If I remember I will pray for the couple at that time - in my time zone so the prayers will be said just as their ceremony is starting.

Brenda V.

It’s at 4:30 pm mountain time. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Push what little bangs she has down and slap a little cover stick on before pictures; otherwise, who would not want that precious girl photographed under most circumstances? She is a doll!!!

Prayers for you sister and her hubby to be!!

bangs??? lol…you’ve seen her pics right? She has almost no hair on top…just in the back. She looks like my dad (who balding) lol!



We are in the same time zone! Go figure. I will make an effort to remember at 4:30 to pray, otherwise, my “talking to God” throughout the day will be about your sister and her soon to be husband:p.

Brenda V.

**All went well!!! My sis was absolutely stunning, and Lily was pretty good (and went to sleep alright when daddy took her home)…
thank you all for your prayers…I really appreciate it.

I don’t have a lot of pics on my camera so i will post some when I get them from others…


She has a little forhead fringe going on! Or is there just enough for a bow on top, and that’s it? The photo is kind of dark, and the one in your sig is when she was younger.

Here are some of the hall (my mom and dad put in SO much work to make it so beautiful)

And this is my favorite! my sister is stunning as a bride!!! I can’t believe my little sister is married now!!!

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The whole family

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Me and Hubby and Lily

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and Lily (sorry about the red eye, I thought I removed it)

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Malia, there are a lot of gorgeous women in your family! You, your sister, Lily.

And your husband’s no slouch either. :wink:



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