My skirt is in Jacksonville!



After a lot of prayer and consideration, I’ve decided to transition my wardrobe into all skirts/dresses. Unfortunately, our budget is pretty tight, so it’s been a process that’s taken longer than I would’ve liked.

I have some skirts, I made one, and I ordered a long denim skirt for “everyday wear.” Unfortunately, aside from the skirt I made, I don’t really have any skirts I can wear just around the house to get dirty in (housework, normal mommy messes, etc.). My other skirts are nicer. So while I’ve been waiting for my denim skirt to arrive, I’ve been wearing jeans around the house, and becoming increasingly eager for the skirt to get here!

Well, I just checked the tracker online, and my skirt is a mere 150 miles (give or take) from my house! Squee!!

The delivery date says the skirt will be here on the 26th, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it arrived on Tuesday or Wednesday. When it does, I’ll start wearing it, and repurpose my blue jeans into a skirt. (I didn’t want to do this until the skirt arrived just in case it doesn’t work out.)


It’s very easy to turn pants into an A-line style skirt. With old jeans you could create a flounced skirt very easily that would be fun and easy for summer. Cut the jeans just below the pockets (easier if you don’t cut the zipper) and then sew on a gathered flounce of a simple no iron cotton for summer. I’ve also made skirts with several sections–jeans top, a flounce of similar weight contrasting fabric, then a flounce of denim from the legs of the jeans, then an edging of lace to finish. I haven’t made one for me in awhile, but I have made several for my daughter in order to get more wear out of a pair of jeans.


I already took a pair of jeans and made them into a skirt using the legs of the pants to fill in the panels made by the legs. It was super easy.

Here’s the tutorial I used (except I didn’t add side panels as this one does):

The first one ended up being too short for me to feel comfortable wearing normally, but will make a good cover-up at the beach or pool. Now that I know how to fix it, I’m excited about trying it again!


[LEFT]Where did you order it from? I just ordered a skirt that’ll be made to fit my post-pregnancies body, and I’m hoping it gets here before Easter. :smiley:


I actually ordered it online from QVC.


**Yay! I have been working on transitioning my wardrobe in the same way. We don’t have much money, either, so I ordered a long denim skirt as well and now I wear that or a long khaki one every day. Good for you!!! **


Thanks. As long as I have a skirt or two to rotate every day at home, I have other things that are nicer to wear out.

I'm content to wait for birthday, Mother's Day, etc., for the gift of a new skirt or dress, some fabric to make one, or a gift card to purchase one. I've always loved getting clothes as gifts, anyway!


My skirt arrived yesterday! I immediately washed it so I could wear it, and I’ve washed my jeans, which I’ll be making into a skirt this week/weekend.

I am officially a skirts/dresses Mama! Hooray!


[quote="NPalmby, post:8, topic:191492"]
I am officially a skirts/dresses Mama! Hooray!


YAY! Have fun! :D




I was just curious as to why you decided to convert to just skirts and dresses? I love wearing them as well, it just seems a little more convenient to match with just jeans.
I have another question, as well. I am a little overweight, and so when I wear skirts, my thighs touch and in the heat of summer (I live in Florida), it becomes uncomfortable for walking long distances. Do you have any easy solutions? I wear leggings, but at some point it gets kind of bland. I would wear pantyhose, but I often feel like my grandmother.


I'd be happy to share with you!

This is something I've been thinking about and praying about for a while. I just feel that wearing skirts/dresses is a good way for me to honor my vocation as a wife and mother. On my blog (here's the post), I equate it to wearing a uniform. When you put on a uniform for work, it gets you in that mindset. And when you see someone in a uniform, certain images are called to mind. Wearing skirts/dresses is like wearing my uniform. Not only does it honor my role as a Catholic wife and mother, but is a nod to wives/mothers before me who wore skirts/dresses (the Blessed Mother comes to mind).

I know it's not for everyone. It's a decision that must be made in prayer. But this is the decision the Lord called me to make, and I'm so glad I did!

I don't see a problem with pairing skirts instead of jeans. I have a knee-length denim pencil skirt that goes with many of my tops, and I just received my long denim skirt (ankle length) that goes with my more casual tops. And I can wear tennis shoes with it!

I also find that, for me, skirts are much cooler in the Florida heat! As for your thighs, I have a few suggestions. You could get some bicycle shorts to wear under your skirts. They're usually made from breathable fabric that takes moisture away from your skin. You could also try baby powder, which worked wonders for me last summer when I was pregnant.

I'm sure stores have some undergarment solutions, as well (like Spanx).


I have the same thigh issue due to the way my body is shaped… been getting rashes from that since 5th grade… but I found petti pants from JCPenney and they fixed the problem for me. They’re affordable and you can find them in used clothing shops for really cheap occasionally.


[quote="journey137, post:13, topic:191492"]
I have the same thigh issue due to the way my body is shaped... been getting rashes from that since 5th grade... but I found petti pants from JCPenney and they fixed the problem for me. They're affordable and you can find them in used clothing shops for really cheap occasionally.


Thanks for this link! I may get a pair or two of these myself!


Those are really cute! Thanks for the link, I might just make some of my own!


You're both welcome ladies. Glad I could help :D


No thanks I'll stick to pants. I no ardent feminist. I just have to stick with what is practical to my lifestyle...which at this point doesn't involve a husband but still even if it did I would find other ways to show wifely humility or honor him. For one thing I have a problem with my legs swelling which isn't attractive in skirts or dresses. I'm not more then 10lbs overweight if that and don't know the cause but that aside I still have problems finding dresses that fit me right. I guess I'm one of those oddly shaped people. :shrug::eek::D

Good luck to you if you can make it work. I try the resale shops though. I get designer stuff there all the time and pay a fraction of the price. I look on it as recycling and sometimes you have to dig a bit. Oddly enough I get the most compliments on dresses I bought at Goodwill. :shrug::D


You can cut a pair of pantyhose off just above the knees. Works for me.



is there a cotton version of those petti pants I wonder? call me crazy, but I’d not want to wear a fitted nylon undergarment in any kind of warm or hot weather…:blush:

#20 has them, and so does the Vermont Country Store.

I usually just dust some cornstarch between my thighs and that takes care of the chafing problem. But then, I live in Michigan where it rarely gets that hot. :slight_smile:

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