My slant on the election

Why worry so much? God is in control. Why couldn’t either (but mostly Clinton) be a scourge in the hand of God finally used to clean up the Church? BXVI told us that the Church would become smaller, poorer and more faithful. A Clinton presidency would certainly facilitate that. Perhaps it’s all part of the plan.

Neither one seem to be attacking the Church per se, but each other in the grab for power. That may come later, but right now both need the Church to sway the elections, but are not coming outright and saying so. I don’t worry about. God does have a way of sweeping His temple clean. Peace.

Yes, I’ve thought about that and pray that God uses me to fulfill his will and not mine. Yet still I pray that evil not win. Now who is evil ?

So we choose, but God is in control? He has willed every leader since the dawn of time?

Actually, the Clinton campaign has been found to mock Catholics as “severely backwards”.

The secular liberal media seizes every opportunity to misquote our Pope and report any negative articles they can find. It is very sad.

Since we have already voted, my husband and I feel all we have left to do is pray. We pray that God will intercede and save this country.

I don’t know if I understand what you mean. I take it to mean, which would make sense, that those who call themselves Catholics and unfortunately praise abortion and other such evils would leave the Catholic Church. Which they may as well, if they care more about following the world rather than God, Mary, and Jesus…leaving only the true, faithful Catholics, as martyrs of sorts, only they won’t be killed. Yet.

She said outdated religious values have to be changed. Isn’t that an attack?

I don’t think he’s willed every leader but I think he uses whoever leads.

What I mean is more and more restrictions will be placed on the Church, particularly if Clinton wins, and that will be a straining device as people will leave. You are correct, if you praise, or accept, abortion, you’re already out.

So it’s our will that dictates to God what tools he will use?

I must say that is hard to fit into the mechanism of history. From Nero to pol pot to hitler, to Nixon… It’s hard to make that argument make sense. You also have a hard time explaining that to the victims of leaders.

But where you really run into problems is when leaders from other faiths are added into your equation. Ayatollahs, Islamic leaders, pagan leaders, etc.

No, Hoosier Daddy, I didn’t mean it like that… God gives man free will and sometimes (lots of times) man chooses evil. God is so good that he will take our evil choices and turn them into good where people could NEVER see good…

I’m with you…


Again. That just seems to ignore the vast majority of history and victims. While yes, God does being good to the darkest situations, there is also the reality of evil.

Watch this teaching to answer your question:

No religion of any kind conforms to the ways of the world. It would no longer be a religion. What happened to separation of Church and State? They seem to be quite happy, lately, about infringing their abhorrent politics on Catholics. This kind of craziness should have been stopped in its tracks, long ago. But no, we just sat there and let them do it!

If by “clean up the Church,” you mean bring it to near extinction through government action, maybe so, but I don’t think that is God’s plan. It is not the Church which needs to be cleaned up but the culture. It is not the Church which supports unlimited abortion. It is not the Church which supports same sex ‘marriage.’ It is not the Church which promotes every sort family breakdown, fatherless families, contraception, and suppression of religious liberty.

But it is no doubt true that a suppression of the Church is coming, and it won’t be stopped by either candidate in the end. What will finally stop it is when we see Europe going up in flames and decide that we don’t want that to happen here.

What you said may be true. But the culture is rotten because the Church who is supposed to be the beacon of light for the world did not speak up. It is rare to see a homily like this:

Although after the above one, there are many priests followed.

the pinocchio analogy:

The Church needs to be cleaned up or no practicing Catholic would have the bumper stickers I see in the Church parking lot. There should be no Clinton, or for that matter, old Obama stickers on Catholic cars. Zero. They are not compatible with official Church teaching.

God said to Adam and Eve–Don’t eat of the fruit of that tree or you will surely die.

Serpent said To Eve–No you won’t die. You will become like gods knowing good and evil…

Good ole Eve (and Adam, too) wanted to be like gods. They wanted to know good and evil. And I have to thank them every time some evil comes into my life be it by my free will or the free will of others… and Thank YOU, God, for loving us so much you change our evil into good… otherwise, how could we live?

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