My son Alex

Please pray for me and my son, Alex, who I have not seen in over 10 years. I still write to him but I don’t know if he is receiving the letters (although they don’t come back … so far) or if he is reading the ones he receives.

Dear Lord, May the Blessed Mother and your foster father St. Joseph join in prayer with me for this grieving parent and child.

My prayers are with you, bob…please don’t stop writing. Never give up hope.

I will pray that your son receives your letters and will someday write to you. Keep writing, everything is possible with God.


Praying to the Sacred Heart for you and your son…:gopray:

Praying for you and your son. :gopray:


Keep looking as the father did for the prodigal son. One day that tiny speck on the horizon will be Alex. We pray your lost lamb returns to your home soon.

Will keep Alex in prayer and that you may hear from him soon…
St. Rita of Cascia pray for them

Praying your son responds soon.

I’m sorry. I will pray for you and your son.

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