My son and our friends need a miracle

I am new to this board and apologies for my forthrightness. I profess to be a Catholic, but the truth is that I have not been a very good practicing Catholic.

2008 was a very difficult year for my family and our friends (and for everyone else too!:sad_yes: ), but for us it was particularly difficult as our only child (8 years old) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and we found out that a very good friend of ours has cancer (in its late stages).

I ask that you please pray for a Miracle that cures my son Troy; that heals and completely cures him of his Diabetes (Type 1).

Please also pray for our friends Lorraine (Diabetes (Type 1)) and Linda (Cancer).

Thank-you and may “God” bless and keep you safe.



Dear Dele, to have your child diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes is a great shock and a big adjustment not only for your son but for you and your whole family.This is how it was for my youngest sister’s family when their younger son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It took them a while to adjust, and it was very difficult for their son to reconcile himself and to cooperate in managing the illness. However now he is flourishing.
I pray that your family and your dear son can also make this adjustment, and all learn to manage the illness so that your boy remains safe. Jesus, please let it be so.

I pray also for the welfare of your friend Lorraine, that she can live a safe and happy life even with the limitations her illness gives her, and the problems that arise when out. (I find my illness, Celiac, also to be problematic and inconvenient at such times! :slight_smile: )

I ask the Lord to be with Linda in her illness and in her treatment.

Dear Jesus, please help Dele to find strength and resilience to deal with all the health difficulties that involve her loved son, and her friends. :grouphug:

My best wishes, Trishie

Praying for your intentions.

Hear the prayer of healing requested by Dele. Bring comfort and peace to all those affected by these illnesses. We pray through the intersession of St. Luke, Evangelist and Physician.

Praying very hard for good health for all of them.

Praying for Troy,Lorraine and Linda.Also I’m praying for you.May our Lord be with you,Rocky.:signofcross:

Thank-you all so very much for your kind words and prayers, may our good Lord bless and keep you all.



Your son Troy,Lorraine and Linda are in my prayer

Praying for your family and friends…

I am joining you in prayer.

In Prayer for your son and friends to all heal and become physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally well…In Jesus Christ name we pray…Amen…With Warmth & Aloha, LynneMarie

Praying for you all

Still praying!

praying for your intentions…

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