My son at Mass tonight


And about this discussion if the child saw something or not, call me St. Thomas but I don’t believe it was something of Divine inspiration.



My son is disabled and is unable to walk or talk. He almost always starts making happy sounds and appears to be looking at something wonderful during the consecration. He’s 20 and he’s been doing this since he was a baby. I don’t know if he’s seeing angels, but I like to think so.



Our parish priest says that he has heard stories like this from parents and children at every parish he has been assigned to for the past 20 years. He believes they do indeed see angels.

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Remember the three Abraham saw from afar?

Remember the one Jacob wrestled all night?

Remember the one who rolled the stone away? How the sight of him scared the guards?

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I wouldn’t doubt he DID see the Angels surrounding the altar in Adoration of Our Lord.



Great sign of hope. Thanks for sharing.



Wowzers!!! That’s an amazing experience :). X



Padre Pio saw his angel all the time. As a child, he thought everybody else could see angels just like he could.

Angels don’t have bodies like our bodies, but they can be seen in some type of bodily form by those who have the gift from God to do so.

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@StJemma if you are in RCIA, ask them about the Eucharist.
Tell them you had no idea what the ‘round cracker’ is. Your teachers really should know this gap in what they are teaching you.
The round cracker is the Eucharist. The Body, Blood,Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Welcome home.



Father Robert Fox published a book: 'THE EUCHARIST: WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH UNITE" In his book he testifies that all the angels and saints come down to the altar at the offertory and are present at the consecration!

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