My son told us this morning he's joining the Marines


This is great news thank you. Ironically, he may have scored high in his pre-test in math but his grades don’t reflect it. THat’s strange but I may be mistaken.

My husband thinks we should buy the ASVAB book for him to study, do you think this is a good resource?

Thank you.


Lots of people find that academic stuff comes easier in the military because they need the structure. Maybe your son is one of them. Who knows, maybe he’ll find he really enjoys the military and he’ll make a career out of it.


You said he already took the ASVAB, no?

If he already took it then no, don’t waste money.

If he hasn’t taken it yet, then by all means yes.


My brother-in law was in the Marines. It’s a noble path and will help teach your son many valuable lessons.

Pray for him every day and offer your heartache to the Blessed Mother.


Hi. I thought it was but he said it was a PRE test.


Thank you. I thought this too. Yes, I wanted to keep him a little longer while he went college and then let go…but my instincts asked how will he change from struggling from high school to success in college if they’re both academic. In my heart I think this is the best choice for him.


Okay, that makes sense since he’s not 18 yet, the recruiter probably gave him the pre test to see where he’s at.

In that case, yes, DEFINITELY get him the book to study!

The higher his ASVAB score, the more doors will open for him. It’s very important to score as high as possible on the ASVAB.



My grandpa was a WWII infantry medic who landed at Normandy, and he both had no vices and was a saver. He saved just about all his pay and bought some family land with a teeny tiny cottage when he got home. Eventually, he and my grandma built a good-sized house on the property for cash. There was never a mortgage on my grandparents’ house (a fact which boggles my mind) and my grandparents have always paid cash for cars.


I gave you some incorrect information.

The skill level numbers I gave you were the numbers the Air Force uses.

The USMC uses different numbers:

“0” is used to identify personnel undergoing training for award of a primary MOS (PMOS).

“1” identifies a private (PVT) through specialist (SPC/pay grade E-4) or corporal (CPL/also pay grade E-4)

“2” identifies a sergeant (SGT/pay grade E-5)

“3” identifies a staff sergeant (SSG/pay grade E-6)

“4” identifies a sergeant first class (SFC/pay grade E-7)

“5” identifies a master sergeant (MSG) or first sergeant (1SG) (see E-8, below)

“6” identifies a sergeant major (SGM) or command sergeant major (CSM) (as of 1 April 2011)

Your son would be a 0 after Boot Camp, he would be a 1 after tech school (called infantry school in the USMC), and a 2 after a few years in most likely.


Thank you. It seems there are plenty to choose from from Amazon. THe Dummies version which encompasses all and then the focused version of the math and english sections which, according to the site raises the overall score. Any recommendation is highly appreciated. I also see flashcards which not sure is a good supplement as he may lean too much on those instead of the book. Thank you.


THank you so much for even looking this up, I heartily appreciate it.


This one here looks pretty good:


Ordering now. Thank you very much.


These flash cards look really good too:

I would get that book and those flash cards, and that should be sufficient material to prepare for the ASVAB with.


I just finished ordering both. I can’t thank you enough! Side question-he wears glasses (well he doesn’t most of the time but when he drives he must) will this be a medical reason for him not to get accepted? Would you happen to know? Thank you


No that won’t be an issue.

He’ll get BCGs assigned in basic (birth control glasses) - glasses with a big ugly dorky brown frame.

I was in the same boat as him - wear glasses to drive.

The only way it could potentially be a problem would be if he wanted to become a pilot.


Nope, that’s fine, unless his eyes are so bad that he’s essentially blind without them. But no, plenty of people in the military wear glasses or contact lenses (me being one of them.)

One of the most common reasons to get medically rejected is having been diagnosed with asthma, if that’s an issue.


I thought he’d already taken the ASVAB?


No he took a pre test version of it, not the actual ASVAB.


I see, thank you.

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