My son told us this morning he's joining the Marines


The military puts people through intense, demanding training so that if they’re ever in an intense, demanding situation when it counts, they’ll have developed the ability to function. Coddling someone and then sending them off to war isn’t doing them any favors.


Maybe when the electrical grid goes down we’ll all get a bit tougher :unamused:


It’s part of basic training.

They want to break you down so as to build you back up.

They get 13 weeks to turn you from a civilian to a Marine, it takes extreme practices to do such a thing. The Marine Corps is no joke, it’s extremely strict and rugged, very militant.

There’s a reason the USMC is viewed as the worlds supreme combat ground force. Every Marine is a trained killer, Marines only job is to destroy enemies through overwhelming force and violence.

As Gunny Ermey says “you will be a minister of death praying for war!”


Be proud of your young man!


If you never saw this, watch it now!

The actor playing the DI is a real former Marine drill instructor, Gunnery Sergeant R Lee Ermey.

Warning: explicit language.


Hi. I definitely don’t want them to coddle him but why is it necessary to always feel so much hunger?


If you’re deployed, you may have to eat quickly and on the go. It’s a useful skill to have. Lingering over meals is a luxury.

Most Americans eat too much anyway. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll get adequate nutrition. No one will let him starve. He’ll eat plenty: he’ll be hungry because he’ll be doing a ton of physical exercise.

Don’t worry. He’ll lose weight, but it will be dropping fat and adding muscle.


Here’s an actual video of Marine Corps boot camp.

Keep in mind they tone things down a lot because cameras are rolling.

Check out the 32 min mark. You will get that phone call, and now you know what hell be experiencing when you get that call!


Oh boy, he’s thin as it is already.
Thank you.


Not my cup of tea :coffee::unamused:


I’ll end with this, since I know I’m being longwinded. :slight_smile:

If this is something he ends up doing, you’re going to have to let go a little bit and trust the process. The Marine Corps trains thousands of new Marines a year. They won’t break him. Yes, he’ll probably be hungry. Yes, he’ll be tired. Yes, there will be moments when he thinks “Why the hell did I do this?!” Most people going through basic training are having the exact same thoughts.

Then, when it’s over, they look back on it with a lot of pride, they’re glad they did it, and they’re eager to start their military service. The things that were so scary a few months ago now seem funny, and they’ll laugh about basic training with their friends. It’s just part of the process. It happens to everyone. They’re going to push him to his limits, but they’re not going to take it so far that he’s actually seriously hurt.

I’ll bet you five bucks that if he enlists, he’ll go through basic training thinking “This sucks, I shouldn’t have joined” and then after he’ll have a newfound sense of confidence and be ready to go to his unit as a new Marine.

Just my two cents. Like I said, if you have any questions feel free to ask. :slight_smile:


I really appreciate this and all of your input. Thank you and God bless.


We moms know we have done a good job when our kid leaves and becomes a full fledged adult. Sounds like he is ready to fly.


Yes. Thank you. God be with him.


Please, let’s not try to scare the potential Marine mom, or the potential Marine. As has been said above, thousands of USMC recruits navigate basic training every year. If they can do it, so can he.



Let us attend.


It’s not a scare tactic, it’s simply enlightenment unto the truth.

It’s not pretty. It’s painful, and even brutal at times.

My first night in basic I fell asleep to the sounds of grown men crying themselves to sleep.


As my Vietnam Combat Vet and Marine/Army Veteran dad who encouraged me to join the USAF said “there aint no jobs in the civilian world for tank operator or infantryman!”


It 's the soft skills that matter most to many employers now. They can find all the technical expertise they want. But they also want someone who shows up on time, every day, ready to work, who gets along with co-workers, superiors, and subordinates, and is not a slacker.

Comparing experiences one day, my Marine co-worker and I were comparing notes. It seems that neither of us had ever been hired for a job for which we had any prior training. Heck, I even moved to a new city once to take a job about which I was rather clueless. But on the job learning is possible and necessary.


I will let him know

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