My story about Life


My story about Life
by Donald F Hudzinski

Everyone has a story. Here is mine. Three months after I was married, my wife an I went out to dine at a famous restaurant in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In the dinning area across from us sat a mother and her son, to this day I will confess it to be Mary and her Son, Jesus Christ, and it was Christ scourged. As I was elated at this scene, my wife said, “She should have aborted that child”. My heart dropped at the thought.

At this point one asks the question, “What have I done”? Let’s go back a few years, when I first met my wife. It was a normal day at the canning factor. I was walk the floor looking for jams, when an angel appeared on the staircase. He said, “I want you to meet your wife”. So he lead me to a beautiful young lady on a bench. I asked, “Is she the one”? He said, “No, it is the one observe you and her sister, by the husker“.

After this I started dating her within a year I proposed to her in these words, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is your womb, for it shall bear my children”. I gave her the ring and explained to her that it looked like two hands in prayer. One hand was hers and the other was mine and as long as she and I would place Christ the light of the world in the center of our marriage, it would be true.

It was not long after the restaurant incident, I found out that she was on the pill. This hurt deeply for like the hard path in the story of the sower of the good seed, I knew that my seed would not take root.

Three years later, she went off the pill, so she could have a child, and she conceived. She said, “ I am going to the doctor to take some tests, if they show the child has something wrong, I will abort the child”. At this point, I prayed real hard. I got the courage to ask about this and she said, “It is my body and I had nothing to say about it”. Well we had a little girl and four years later a little boy.

After the boy, she said, “Sex must be sterile from now on, so she would have her tubes tied.

Twenty years of this ended, when I asked for her conversion. In prayer one night, idea came, with the message that she would say, no, and that this decision would end in her death. Three months later she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her stomach cancer took her life in about nine months.


now that’s a story

Funny though - and this could be me, but I did not see anything on your part about finding out about her views on being open to life before the marriage. Is it because you had been visited by an angel so you just assumed?

I am curious, not judging…so many of my own problems have come from making really basic assumptions about people…and then I am hurt by what I discover about them later.


How sad :frowning: Thank God your children didn’t have defects!


i believe this too… do not make any assumptions about people… but there are also times when people do lie in order to look good as it happened to me…


I am touched by your story, Donald, and sorry for your loss.

I make the following comments not to criticize, but to educate.

Last night I was listening to Relevant Radio and Fr. Larry Richards give a talk on spiritual direction. He said everyone should have a good spiritual director to help figure out if it is indeed God’s voice that is calling you to a certain vocation, (job, spouse, etc.). Your spiritual dir. should ALSO have a spiritual director. If not, (he said) Run! He told his own personal story of how he had the idea of being a military chaplain, went and rec’d the Bishop’s OK; told his SD about it and the SD said, “Oh no you’re not. That’s not God’s will for you.” Fr. Richards’ reply: “Argggh!” This really tested his humility, but he had to be obedient to this direction. You may call in to RR Searching the Word, or EWTN Open Line (airs 2:00 central time) to get more advice in this area if desired.

We are told in scripture to “test the spirits” to be sure we are doing God’s will. Now, I’m not saying the angel you saw and heard was NOT of God, but you didn’t say whether you sought any spiritual direction in any of your story, either.

I hope your children will grow to be close to Jesus and that you will find a good woman who will help raise them. Keep the faith!

God bless,
(also from WI)


good stuff, mimi! thank you for sharing it with us! And you are right - it’s not about judging him but about examining how we make our decisions. And, of course, we can be victims of fraud but sometimes (like in my personal case) there were all these very subtle ‘red flags’ that I just ignored so I could have ‘God’ Will for Leslie"…only it turned out to be Leslie’s Will for Leslie and man oh man did I mess UP! LOLOLOLOL.
So thank you, Mimi…


I think you mean [insert name here]'s will for [insert same name here]:stuck_out_tongue:


I asked the same question.


I thought she understood the saying “and blessed is the fruit of your womb for it shall bear my children”

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