My story and questions on convalidation

Hello everyone! My name is Shannon. I guess I’ll start off with a little about myself. I have been catholic my entire life…baptized, first communion, reconciliation, and confirmation. I didn’t go to Catholic school but did PSR/CCD classes growing up. However I Gus’s you could say I was going through the motions of faith. I believed but truthfully it was “whatever”. I joined the navy and was stationed overseas…Italy! My first and last duty stations were Italy. I was able to go to Rome and see the Vatican!! AWESOME!!! I was actually able to get a public audience with Pope John Paul II on his birthday. Because of that one of my most prized possessions (my grandfather’s rosary) was blessed.
In 2000 I was married by JOP without any family or friends…something I 100% regret. But I must live with that. Also in 2002 ,after 2 months of infertility treatments (just medications) I became pregnant but had what’s called a missed abortion (baby died at 8 weeks and I didn’t find out till 11 weeks). That right there is when I lost all the faith I had left. I am not proud to say it but I turned my back on God. No matter what people told me I thought maybe I was being punished for any number of things.
For some reason looking back I know God always wanted me to come home but I was to stubborn to listen. But now I hear Him loud and clear! Both of my sisters are receiving the gift of motherhood (1 became pregnant after being told she would never have children and the other one is going through the adoption process and will get her child any day).
My doctor now is pretty confident that I will get pregnant soon. I’ve been praying and hopefully it will get answered. I was given a St. Gerard medal by a local priest who has been praying for my husband and I regarding this.
Sorry for being so long winded but I figured all of these events had brought me to where I am today. Fr. Gerard (who took his name from St. Gerard) told me about having my marriage convalidated. I am very excited to hear about this. I would like to get some input from people that have had this done. How did the ceremony go? Was your family in favor with it? Any backlash? Did you have a “reception” after? What did you wear? Invitation a good idea? We are planning this to take place in about 2 years because one of my Navy friends will be a priest by then. He had been an important person of faith to my husband and I and it would mean a lot to us.

Thank you all and God Bless!

After 38 and a half years of marriage, my wife and I had our marriage con validated a week ago (aug 23). Our ceremony was in the private chapel used by the brothers in a Franciscan Friary.

We got the paperwork from the parish (required by the diocese), gathered our certificates of sacraments to prove we were Catholic, a copy of our original marriage license, and forms filled out by two people who know us (each).

We met briefly with the priest, and since the priest was a friend, and not our parish priest, I asked the pastor if it were ok, and he said it was fine.

We picked a date, time, and location.

We bought new rings, and my wife wore a new dress.

The only people there were my wife and I, the priest, and my 32 year old daughter and her boyfriend. My daughter held the rings while father blessed them. He talked a minute about the sacrament of marriage, and about covenants.

He asked questions about being open to children (at our age, asked if we brought our children up in the faith).

He read 1 Corinthians chapter 13 (“love is”), he said the vows (we didn’t repeat them), and we answered “I do”.

We kissed, took some pictures, and were on our way.

I dropped the paperwork off at the parish at that was it!

It was actually quite simple, but, beautiful.

I just want to put it plainly, so there will be no misunderstanding. Christ is calling you home Start the process NOW. In Gid’s eyes you are not maried to this man, so you are committing a VERY serious sin any time you have sexual relations with him. Therefore, unless you live as brother and sister or until you have the situation resolved, you may not receive Holy Communion. Your husband’s priest friend could perhaps celebrate a special Mass for an anniversary later. I am not judging or being ugly, but in actuality you are living together without the benefit of marriage. Come home! I can tell you love Christ and want to be as close to him as possible :slight_smile:

Without all of the specifics, you may be speaking out of turn. We should never jump to conclusions based on only the knowledge gained from a single posting on a website.

To the op,

Of course the Lord loves you, and wants you to come home to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

There need be no fanfare if you do not want any. Make an appointment to speak to a priest as soon as possible.

May our Lord lead you and guide you to where you should be.

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