My story from mormonism back to the Catholic Church


I left the church in 2010, after a really bad break-up and equally bad treatment by a parish priest. I met some LDS missionaries soon after and ended up joining their cult/sect. I was never very active with them, but I did go through their temple and eventually got married to a lifelong Mormon girl in 2016.

I started having serious doctrinal issues back in June and went to see the priest at our local parish in August. After getting a Sanatio to validate our marriage, I was finally able to go to confession and return fully to the Church last week. Today, I sent in my official resignation via a lawyer to the LDS cult/sect and should be officially disenrolled by December 15th.

There is a steady amount of brainwashing and what amounts to fear tactics, used to keep people from leaving or questioning the cult. They believe that leaving will necessarily bar you from spending eternity with God, though they also believe in a 3-tiered heaven. They believe that the ‘celestial kingdom’ is guarded by angels that use masonic signs, tokens and pass-words. They convince people that they can become gods themselves and go on to have countless children and populate whole other planets, which makes no sense.

There is plenty of scriptural evidence to refute the cult, but my dear wife is convinced that I am wrong and that they are the true church founded by Christ. She has taken my exit personally as if I had betrayed her or cheated on her. I am praying that Our Lady helps her see the error of her beliefs and that she sees the real truth in Christ’s only Church (as taught prior to the new Catechism).

With Mormons, everything centers around feelings and emotion, which we all know is deceptive and is used by Satan to keep people from exercising real faith in Christ. The magic underwear amounts to birth control, as it is very offputting and they are almost never without it. I want to warn anyone meeting with LDS missionaries or that may be considering them to avoid being sucked into this cult. It absolutely IS NOT what it appears from the outside.


You were doing ok until you went off the rails.


I didn’t go off the rails. You should study your doctrine, prior to the modernist inventions and “ecumenical” interpretations.


Strange, I don’t remember the Catholic Church ever giving up her title as the true Church in the name of ecumenism, or in any name for that matter.




Ah, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma! An oldie and goodie! Good choice! I wish I owned a copy.

I wasn’t questioning the existence nor veracity of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus though. I was asking when did the Catholic Church renounce her status as true Church of Christ.


You’re right about Mormonism. There have been plenty of threads here on this topic. When they are proselytizing, they don’t tell you about their “unique” doctrines. I had a friend many years ago who quit the Catholic Church for Mormonism. I was curious about what the Mormons believed, so I researched it.

When I presented my findings to her, she looked puzzled and said, “Why, that sounds Satanic!” She joined them without knowing anything about their beliefs. When I asked her why she joined them, she replied, “They support me.” It’s all about feelings, like you said.

I have another friend who is an ex-Mormon, who is now “spiritual but not religious.” She said that in their Mormon services, it’s all about Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith is the center of their religion, not God.


She didn’t and could not do so.

I have only had this book for a short time and it is probably the best source today for Catholic doctrine. The CCC is ok for those that can’t understand true doctrine, but this is a necessity for those today wanting a deeper understanding of the faith.


To be fair, the CCC wasn’t meant to be detailed or deep, it’s more of a summary. If you like Ott’s book, may I also recommend Denzinger to you as well?


The standard refrain or "testimony is; “I know this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of god and that we have a living prophet on the earth today. I know that the book of mormon is true and is another testament of jesus christ.” They recite this over and over and teach their children and converts to do the same. They do have a stronger sense of community than we typically do, but it is a control mechanism more than anything.


I will check into that. Thank you! I purchased Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma because I wanted the whys of what we believe. I was being asked questions that I couldn’t answer. I honestly wish I still had my Baltimore Catechism 3. It was a great resourse for both learning and sharing the faith!


Hmm, do you have a smart phone? Go download iPieta. You’ll be very happy, as it allows you to download any number of catechisms, from Trent, to all three Baltimore editions, to St. Pius X. :stuck_out_tongue:


According to their recently introduced style guide (link below), it is no longer permitted to use the term “Mormon” when referring to church members. Nor is it permitted to use the short reference “LDS”. Members may be referred to as “members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” or “Latter-day Saints”. In addition, the church may no longer be referenced as the Mormon church. Instead it should be called “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” or “restored Church of Jesus Christ” or the “Church of Jesus Christ” or just or “the Church”.


I should be able answer most any question, aside from administrative stuff that most members are not privy to. I have been a member for 8 years and was married in the temple. Ask and I will do my best to answer.


You forgot to ask if anyone cares. I have submitted my papers for resignation, so I obviously don’t care what the cult thinks or says.


How do you mean?


Presumably you’re familiar with the JST (Joseph Smith Translation), which I have never seen but which, coincidentally, I was reading about on an Anglican website. A poster there says that when he welcomed a pair of Mormon missionaries into his home, they got to talking about the Mormon doctrine on marriage and it turned out that key passages in the NT were so altered in the JST as to have the opposite meaning from the true translation. The passages are Matt 22:23-33 & parallels for the woman who married seven brothers, and 1 Cor 7:8-9 for Paul’s “better to marry than to burn”. Can you confirm that this is true?


Compare the solid teaching found in Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma which was written in the 1950’s and almost any similar text of the past 50 years. The teaching hasn’t changed, because it can’t change. The presentation has changed, because people today generally can’t accept truth as it was presented back then. Many hunger for truth and are fed a watered down version. We see much turmoil in the church today and people leaving, because they have been very poorly catechized. The scandal can’t be blamed for people turning their backs on Christ, but they falsely believe that there is no necessity to belong to and participate in His Holy Church. We don’t have to like, approve, or accept the corruption and abuse within the hierarchy in order to fulfill our obligations to Holy Mother Church and our Blessed Lord.


This is where I was reading about it. You may find it entertaining.

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