My story...

Hi yall! I thought maybe i’d share my personal story because i think it is very inspirational. When I was a Teenager (In the 70’s, god forgive me) I did some very bad things. I ran away form home when I was 15 (I was very angry at my parents). I went to LA ( god forgive me) and fell in with the wrong crowd. I got pretty deep int drugs and i had sex a lot with people i didn’t know. Soon i ended up in prison, and that’s where I found religion. I served my time, and once I got out, I went straigt to church and became a nun. No joke! I hope this story cheers you up if youre feeling down. :smiley:

Oh, yours is a beautiful story, friend, very uplifting! God is so good, isn’t it just so amazing how He works in our lives? Something we say in Alcoholics Anonymous is this: it takes whatever it takes to get to where you’re going! Many of us have been down the rough road, the famous school of hard knocks. Many of us find Christ this way. It sure sounds like you have! How awesome! Many, many blessings in Christ’s Love to you!

And you are still a nun? What do you do as a nun? Tell us about how you become a nun and what nuns do.

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