My struggle with being overweight

I am trying to lose weight because I want to be healthy and not overweight so please pray that I will find the will power to lose weight and keep it off. God bless!

Amanda, yes I’ll pray for you each day, so that you are able to face each day with renewed resolution, and with peace.

I know so many people who struggle with this and it causes them a lot of pain. I am going to say a prayer for you and for those who are in a similar situation.

My deepest prayers with you.

To control eating always occupy yourself with something. Idle time is the time of the devil, you need to occupy yourself with exersise and other physical activity.

I ask our blessed mother to guide you,

Hail Mary Full of Grace the lord is with thee blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is the ruit of your womb Amen.

I will include you in my rosary today and each day. Our Lord will help you through this.


I am also trying to lose weight. I joined a group named SPARKS PEOPLE. It is a free on-line website.

My major flaw is that I like to eat late snacks as I watch t.v. late at night.
Last night I made a deal with myself that I would turn off the t.v. if I started to crave a snack. It worked for me. I also asked God to help me from eating a late night snack.

I also have just started keeping track of what I am eating and the time I ate.
I notice I get lots of energy after I eat so I try to use that energy to do house work to use up some of my energy for something useful.

Also when I get angry about something I use that anger energy to clean my condo. It works off the anger.

Yes, it is a struggle to lose weight but we have to do it a little bit at a time and learn new ways of eating and cooking.

Do a slow weight loss so you learn a new way of eating. I am very good at giving weight loss advise… now I have to use that advice for me to lose weight Lucia


I’m overweight too so I know what you’re going through. You’re in my prayers.


Just prayed a Hail Mary for you.

God Bless

Praying very hard for you to succeed.

Praying for you Amanda. I have about 45 pounds that I need to lose and it is not easy, especially at 43 yr. old. It gets harder as you get older. Anyway, you can count on my prayers. At least you want to lose weight and improve your health. My dh is 120 pounds overweight and doens’t care to lose or even try. My niece is 22 years old and very obese and doesn’t care. I think she does, but is depressed that she is so big that she says she doesn’t care, but really she won’t keep to any diet. My mom paid a lot of money for her to do Medifast and she is off the diet. She lost 20 pounds but gained it all back and more. Please, pray for her if you can. She is so young. You will be remembered in my Rosaries Amanda. Hang in there for it can be done.

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