My teacher is bullying me and now he has grabbed the support of my parents. What should I do?

I am honestly lost for words. I have a maths teacher who is continually bullying me, isolating me from the rest of the class, indirectly portraying me as a substandard student in private. . .I really do not know what to do. Now he’s gained the support of my parents through complete twisting of the facts. What is worse is that there are no viable alternative teachers so I have to “make do”. I was about to leave the house and simply “live on the streets” because I am confused as to how this conundrum landed upon me.

Thinking about this man makes me physically sick. There are times when I am to the point of vomiting simply by having him in my mind. I prayed to St. Therese (even when I had atheistic tendencies at the time!) a couple of days ago, and I received a sign in the form of roses (Google changed their logo to a rose). But now I have no idea what God is going to make of this situation. What I hope He does may be something else entirely different to what is on His mind.

For anyone older than I am, what should I do (temporally and spiritually speaking)? I know I am a sinner (I’m even in a state of mortal sin, but I have Confession coming up this weekend), but I really believe that I do not deserve this. I can’t help but wonder whether this is the temporal punishment of God for the sins I committed in the past, and still commit in the present.

Please help, and say a prayer for me (no matter how short it may be).

No one deserves to be bullied. You need to take this up with the Principal or Headmaster of your school (are you in the UK?). Their job is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for you.

Stay strong, but don’t let anyone bully you. Even your parents. Not wanting to be bullied does not mean you are not honoring them, it means you only want to be treated as you should be treated.


Yes I am in the UK. Thanks for your help Liza. The problem however is that this man has quite a senior position in our sixth form. I have known him for several years, but it was only when he was promoted that he started to display this outright haughtiness and arrogance.

I’ll try and stay strong, despite the fact that I have a class with him tomorrow :frowning:


Absolutely keep going up the chain of command as much as possible. Above your teacher would be your principle or headmaster, and above your parents would be your priest. You stated you are going to confession this week, that may be an excellent time to mention your troubles. It is absolutely okay to mention an ongoing problem that may cause you to sin and get advice on how to deal with it in confession.

As Liza stated, asking your priest or another adult you trust for help is not disrespecting your parents, but rather recognizing that you need some outside perspective.

Please keep us updated, and you are in my prayers! :signofcross:

this sounds like a nightmare for you…

you need proof…would anybody in your class back up your story with your parents?..

do you have a cell phone? you could hide it in a pocket and set it to voice record when he starts bullying you and then take it to your headmaster or to your parents…
you shouldnt have to go through this…

another option is to switch schools or homeschool?

Everyone has a boss. :slight_smile: Go to the person that he reports to and voice your concerns. If needed, go two steps above him. Remember that these are just people, just like you and me. They may be in positions of authority and are older than you, but that does not make them someone to be intimidated by or out of your reach. Again - it is their JOB and RESPONSIBILITY to make sure you have a safe and healthy place to study and grow.

Hang in there - we will be praying for you!

(I thought you were in the UK - my husband is British and he is the only one I know who says “maths”. :wink: )


Yes, it is a nightmare for me. It is not often that I am hurt emotionally, so I am quite surprised that I am actually writing these words. This teacher has made me feel like I’m worth excrement. And to be honest, maybe I am. If I were to die the moment I come out of the confessional, it would not concern me one bit. I have prayed to God, and again, the matter now rests in His hands. My hope is that despite my past, present and future sins that I will commit, He will answer favourably to my prayers and deliver me from this ridiculous situation.

I don’t have a cell phone. My friends do know about it. Problem is, he has now made me sit away from my friends (before, I would stay with my friends for the mere fact that there is “safety in numbers”). They have come to say sorry to me after class finishes because they do know that I am unhappy in that class. However, they wouldn’t attest to it to the headteacher because of the risks involved, such as losing anonymity (I can not blame them for this).

I can’t switch schools because I am in the final year of my studies, so again, I have to “make do”. I only hope that the LORD is hearing my prayers. That is really what matters now :frowning:

I will pray for you. In fact, I have a holy hour tomorrow morning (in our perpetual adoration chapel) and I will devote my hour for your protection and healing.

im recommending this to you cos it works for me

Eternal Father, i offer you:
all my prayers, works, joys sufferings and merits of this month
and i also offer you the body and blood soul and divinity of your dearly beloved son our lord jesus christ,
and i also offer you the bitter passion, agonising death, holy wounds and precious blood of our lord jesus christ,
and i also offer you the holy name, holy face, sacred heart and divine mercy of our lord jesus christ.
in union with all the masses that are being said this day throughout the whole world,
firstly to expiate all the sins that all the holy souls in purgatory commited during each and every day of their whole life,
secondly to purify all the good that all the holy souls in purgatory dad poorly during each and every day of their whole life,
thirdly to supply for all the good that all the holy souls in purgatory ought to have done and that they neglected to do during each and every day of their whole life.
fourth for relief and deliverance for all the holy souls in purgatory.
and i beg you eternal father to please grant to me through the prayers and intercessions of all the holy souls in purgatory the following favours (name requests)

also pray the express novena …thats 9 memorares in a row…say an offering prayer before hand like…eternal father through the prayers and intercessions of mother mary i now pray and offer this express novena of 9 memorares to you and i beg you to grant to me through the prayers and intercessions of mother mary the following favours (name requests)

the express novena works miracles___
when mother teresa needed $85000 to finish one of her orphanages she pledged that her and her nuns would pray 85000 memorares for this intention, when she completed them a stranger walked in and handed her a cheque for $85000

mother teresa also prayed the express novena when she wanted a favour (9 memoraresin a row) and she swore that she always got a speedy response to her prayers

i also read that when a benedictine college in kansas needed to raise funds they formed a memorare army and inspired by mother teresas 85000 memorares they decided to do the same…after around 100000 memorares they got the funds they desperately needed…

plus the holy souls are great ones to turn in a crisis…check out

id recommend you to pray that holy souls prayer and the express novena…not once…but lots…your situation is urgent…pray it on every bead of your rosary if you can, pray it on each bead of your rosary a couple times if you can…think about what you want to ask god for before you start so that you can phrase it well and pray for it better

i know that once you start praying for the holy souls they in turn will start helping you and the more you help them the more they in turn will help you and the quicker you’ll get the help you need to sort out this situation…

i think you are so brave for confiding in us…well done…thats the first step in to getting this sorted

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Wise old broad. :smiley:

Bully back,use regurgitation as a last resort.:slight_smile:

Try to meet with your friends outside of this class and see if they would back you up - they are sitting in the different seats because of him, maybe they would sign a statement to this effect - what date it took place and what happened, etc. Document everything. Does your school system over there have something like an ombudsman?

I had a similar problem in school, the senior heads wouldn’t listen as it came down to my word against hers, she soon stopped though once (infront of her) I contacted a solicitor and sought advice about Civil Action against her and the school for discrimination and an abuse of power, with her being able to hear the Solicitor able to say that I have a solid case, which could end up in Criminal Charges being taken.

However, your first step is to acquire proof, voice recordings, other eye witnesses and then going to his boss, or even his bosses boss, and show it to your parents, and after that, if the school refuses to take action, seek legal advice.

I sympathise with you, I do remember what it was like having a teacher being unfairly tough on you.

There is only one solution and that is to do what St Therese would have done… and it is a sacrifice which you could offer up very profitably for example, the conversion of sinners or the souls in Purgatory. That is to submit yourself entirely to what this teacher wants you to do and to do it with a nice smile. It may be the hardest thing you have done so far but it will gain you marks and respect if you endure (not to mention spiritual benefits by enduring such an unpleasant task).

It’s one part of your education but crucial to your overall performance, speaking from a worldly perspective.

id also recommend you speak to your local citizens advice bureau…you can contact them online, by phone or by popping in to their office…they are really helpful and will know what steps to take to help you

i feel for you i really do…ive been in a similar situation before and it took courage and prayer and the help of the citizens advice bureau to help me…in fact i was too scared to go get help and almost chickened out but my prayers must have started working cos the night before i went i saw a family member in my dreams who is passed away,and he ordered me to go get help…when i awoke, my fear had gone, i didnt feel afraid anymore and i attribute it to that dream cos i was afraid to the point that id vomit out of fear, so for the fear to go was incredible…keep praying…we’ll all be praying for you and rooting you on…keep us updated!

First, hang in there - it’s only a few months until Graduation, and then you can put the whole school experience behind you.

Second, try talking to your parents, when they are in a calm mood (maybe when one of them is driving you somewhere - for some reason, people are easier to talk to in the car) and explain your side of the story to them.

Please help, and say a prayer for me (no matter how short it may be).

You’ve got it! :thumbsup:

I’ve noticed a change in you recently and now you are coming back to the sacraments, makes me wonder if you are not being spiritually attacked.

talk to you parents…are they supporting you in your return to the sacraments?

I am going to pray for you. I offer my rosary for your intentions and protection.

Please pray the st. Michael prayer.

Glory be to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be
World without end


Praying for your situation.

A HUGEEEEE thank you to every user who prayed for my situation. My teacher has calmed down and he no longer harasses me :D. Never have I seen an intention answered so conspicuously before! Now he actually teaches the lesson and I feel I can concentrate without worrying about him setting his “wrath” upon me.

Thank you very much once again, and may the LORD keep you and bless you. Amen.

Thank you,
**Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk **

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