My Testimony: From Cultural "Christian" to Islam to Chrislam to Calvinism to the Fullness of the Faith

Dear brothers and sisters,

This is my first official thread. I’ve been reading these forums A LOT since last October. They’ve been very helpful to me - and a blessing.

My wife and I entered the Church this Easter. Within the past year and a half, I’ve gotten married, secured a great job (with which I’m able to support owning our very first home), and have our first baby girl on the way! After reading Rome Sweet Home together, we stopped using contraception immediately. Conviction is awesome! :slight_smile:

I was wondering if I could share my journey with you. I hope that you will be encouraged, edified, and amazed by what the Lord has done in my life. It blows me away almost every day.

Rather than make you read an essay here, please feel free to check out my written testimony on Steve Ray’s website:

The first time I was blessed to be on Radio Maria with Roy Schoeman (Salvation Is From The Jews), we spent the majority of the program talking about my rather unorthodox view of Islam (and Christianity); and we only touched on my move to the Catholic Church during the last few minutes.

By God’s grace, again, Roy had me back on last Saturday to discuss, specifically, how the Lord helped me overcome my Protestant objections. I think the Holy Spirit really blessed our time together (and I pray He planted seeds in people’s hearts!):

I’m living proof that God can use anyone and anything to meet you where you’re at and bring you home.

It’s great to be. . . home.

Speaking of home, I’ve been in touch with the producer of The Journey Home, and have applied to be on the show. We’ll see what God has for me.

Please pray for my new, growing family.

May the Lord bless you all, in Jesus’ name.



Thanks for sharing! It’s a great story, just in what you’ve presented here.

I’ll try to return and follow some of the links.

Congratulations on finding Home, and also on the blessings bestowed on your family!

~ Edmundus

Thanks so much, brother.

I probably won’t be posting much, because of time constraints and prioritizing right now, but I’ll do what I can, when I can. :slight_smile:

God bless you and yours, too!

Welcome Home and Prayers, God Bless, Memaw


Thank you for sharing. I plan to print out what you shared.

I am praying for a family member, a strong Catholic, who got pulled into Calvinism.

Thank you for sharing and welcome home Dustin and to your wonderful wife as well. :smiley:

I hope you get to go on journey home, one of my favorite shows.

Going to read the links on your post now.

Welcome home!

Hi Dustin,
I just finishing listening to your radio interview with Roy Schoeman. It was very enlightening. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain about Mary, whose role you helped put in perspective for me because my thinking was that Catholicsm raised Mary to a goddess status. That part of the interview was especially beneficial to me, although there were other parts I could relate to as well.

God bless you and your family.

As Bill and Ted would say


Thanks so much guys; glory to God.

Tommy, I’m so glad He could use me to help you out - that’s what the body of Christ is all about. :slight_smile:

Peace and blessings!

Praying for your new family! Read the blog and listened to you speak with Roy. Glad you made it home to the Catholic Church.

Thanks so much 7 Sorrows.

What is Chrislam? Never heard of it.

Great story! Welcome home

In reading your story, I have a question. When you wrote

“it must [FONT=TimesNewRomanPSMT]be remembered that [FONT=Comic Sans MS]I was baptized as a baby into the Church”[/FONT][/FONT]

Were you baptised a Catholic as a baby?

Hi Steve,

Yes, i was, brother.

I like you Dustin. Your story was very honest. :smiley:

God bless you. I have so much growing to do, it’s not even funny; but one day at a time by His grace.

Don’t we all…

…and the Lord is patient!

Welcome home :slight_smile:

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