My testimony of the rosary's effectiveness in defeating sin and temptation


Hi everyone. I just wanted to give my testimony of the rosary’s effectiveness of defeating sin and temptation. I have started praying the rosary every day and I have only been tempted to leave the Church twice this week! Once yesterday and once today (I did not pray the rosary yesterday). This is significant because normally I am tempted to leave the Church at least once per day. So, I am doing much better now thanks to the rosary! What a powerful weapon the rosary is! :thumbsup:


That is wonderful news Holly! Sounds like you are seeing the results of Our Lady’s 15 Promises for those who recite the Rosary.


Yep! I’ve also noticed that I have become more devout and more aware of any sins that I do commit. :thumbsup:


Thanks for this testimony and please keep up the good work (of faith). :slight_smile:


Hi Holly :wave: That’s good to hear. It certainly appears as though the rosary is helping you in your spiritual walk. Keep up the good work. You must be doing something right. :thumbsup:

Something that I’ve discovered quite recently is that if you ask Pope John Paul The Great to help you pray he answers that particular prayer. In my case, I’m becoming much more consistant in praying the rosary and also praying the Psalms as well. It all started when I asked him for some help. Boy, he must have some powerful connections to the Holy Spirit and Mary as well.


Wonderful news Holly! The angels sing for you :slight_smile:


My dear friend Hollly
That’s great news. Keep it up. If you find the rosary keeps you in the church it’ll save your soul too.

our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: I am so glad that I finally found a way to decrease the temptations I face. And that way is to pray the rosary! :thumbsup:


wonderful!! hugs


Thank you for sharing this Holly! Keep praying the rosary everyday even when we fail, God’s grace will help us in His own time.


I’m so glad for you, Holly! :thumbsup:


I’m really pleased you’re having success - I bet its a great relief! Keep up the good work. :smiley:


Holly, that’s awesome! Our Lady is holding you close to Her Immaculate Heart… as the Mother She truly is! I’m sure She is smiling at you. And I’m sure Jesus, is VERY pleased! God bless you.

MV :slight_smile:


I’d like to add to that testimony. I returned to the Catholic church after decades as a result of starting to say the rosary on a daily basis. The local parish priest had to point this out to me. Just before he heard my first confession in decades I mentioned that I had started saying the rosary daily some weeks earlier. He told me that was the reason why I was seated opposite to him ‘right now’ - that Our Lady had drawn me back through the means of the Rosary.

I also credit the Holy Rosary in keeping me from mortal sin. I’m not saying I won’t commit mortal sin again but it’s certainly done wonders for me since. It keeps me aware of the pitfalls which lead to sin.



I’m really glad to hear that :D. Isn’t it exciting how God works so powerfully to save us?


I love the rosary! Before, I struggled to pray it but now, I have audio files of Mother Angelica and the nuns praying the rosary so I can just follow along and that made it a lot easier. And yes, Leif Erickson, it is amazing how God saves us!


Holly, I can’t help but think this new devotion to the Rosary might be one of the answers to our novena for you. You are inspiring me to pray it more often myself.



I love it! This is so exciting!


You know Becky, I had that same thought myself. I wondered to myself if maybe my new devotion to the rosary isn’t something brought about by the prayers of St. Dymphna through the novena.


I bet that’s true.

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