My Thoughts and Feelings Toward LGBT


Is it wrong to SOMETIMES be disgusted by LGBT people? My church teaches that gay rights and those other shenanigans are wrong. I slightly believe that; man was made to be with woman and woman was made to be with man. I have a homosexual in my family and sometimes I’m SLIGHTLY grossed out. I don’t hate gay people, on the contrary, we’re all humans, but I just feel homosexuality is immoral. Some LGBT teens that I know say that I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m a teenager! But how do they know what their sexual orientation is if they’re teenagers LIKE ME?


We can find behavior distasteful without projecting those feelings on the people who do them; and, as Christians, it behooveth us to do just that.

Methinks your friends just don’t understand why you aren’t questioning your sexuality the way they are (or have been).



It is gross and it illicit a visceral response because it so obviously goes against natural law
A bit like the thought of incest.
The leaders of the world run reeducation programs ( movies TV shoes etc) to get us to overcome our own natural aversion to this sort of behaviour
I do not hate gay people or react negatively but i feel that their behaviour is a crime against nature. I am in a very similar position to you.


I’m curious what you mean when you say that your church teaches that “gay rights” are wrong.


Awfully heady stuff for a teenager. As a young person, I was embarrassed by a homosexual teen who was, what we called in the day, a flamer. In the seventies, it wasn’t a troll; it meant someone who had an effeminate walk, limp wrist and called you by cutesie names with a loud voice heard in a crowded room. I was embarrassed.

When his father threw him out of the house and a neighbor took him in, you saw a human being who needed people to just treat him with dignity. I’m not saying have a boyfriend and get married. I mean food, shelter, safety, work.

People started to accept him, then he stopped being such a flamer. We are still friends even though I refused to go to his wedding. I can’t support his SSA lifestyle, especially their marriage, but homosexual or not, he and his partner are human beings, should be treated as such, but in the truth. My friends accept me as I am, but promise they won’t come to my wedding either. His partner still picks out the most flattering clothes for me and my first friend still calls and complains that his partner spends too much money. They still struggle to get benefits.

Fortunately, neither likes children. I don’t know if our friendship could withstand what I’d have to say about that!


I think most people are disgusted by the thought of homosexual acts, but that isn’t the same thing as being disgusted by the person. Keep in mind that may straight people do the same sort of thing in the privacy of their own bedroom. Try and see the person and not think about their sex life.


As the other posters have said, try to separate the “gross” from the person. All people are more than just their sexual orientation.

And it’s fine to have that opinion :slight_smile:

I guess it’s because you are a teen and you know your sexual orientation, in theory so do they. I will say that sometimes people always know that they are attracted to the same gender and some go through an “experiemental phase” in their teens. I think that teenagers consider religious viewpoints as being more likely to change than sexuality - that’s what I’ve seen anyway.



Our Church first and foremost teaches mercy, so begin there. Second, always remember that “there but for the grace of God go I” and that in the future you could be the parent of a LGBTQ son or daughter. I taught at a large high school and we had a very large Gay/Straight Alliance club which was about evenly gay and straight kids. It was a great asset to the social culture on campus and after a few semesters I began to notice that bullying of gay kids began to ebb. I was so gratified that the students themselves were the catalysts for the changes in environment on campus. Instead of worrying about other people’s sex lives, why not get involved and try and make life better for a group that has been bullied historically? Being proactive and having a willingness to learn is the best antidote to fear of the unknown. Papa Francis met with one off his former students in D.C. who is gay. It was Papa who initiated the meeting to visit with his old friend. What an excellent example to follow!:thumbsup:


I am also a teenager/young adult (18) and I’m not grossed out by people who have these inclinations because I have my weaknesses too. But, I find this whole forming an identity around sex thing to be stupid. There is currently a LGBT “information” board outside my dorm room with fourteen different gender labels and brief description on each. Some of them I haven’t even heard of before. Seriously, sex is what 0.00001% percent of life. It is not the end all be all. Just keep it in your pants people. I don’t care or want to know.


If it’s just a person who has SSA etc and not a specific way of acting or an action than yes, I think it’s wrong.

The Catholic Church I believe teaches that the sexual acts of homosexuality (acting on ones same sex attraction) is wrong, but also emphasizes that they are to be treated with dignity and respect as is due to them and to everyone else; as we are all human beings created in the image and likeness of God.

I also believe that homosexuals are no different to anyone else, as I believe there is not one man or woman who does not suffer from an immoral desire of some kind (in all different areas and intensities) but that our desires are not who we are, as we make the choice whether to act on them or not.

I think it’s a self evident truth, I’m baffled by those who deny it. They might see nothing wrong with a homosexual union, but to argue equality is baffling for me.

I have an uncle in my family who has SSA and a same sex partner, but I have never been grossed out by him/them, but it’s never been openly acted on in front of me either; as some have been known to do. if I saw him and his partner kissing in a romantic way or making out, than I would certainly be uncomfortable, fortunately he wouldn’t do that around us.

The other danger is that I think this ‘uncomfortableness’ is common to many people, but how some react to it can be very bad I believe, hence why some homosexuals who are openly and publicly acting on their homosexual desires have been attacked before (physically/mentally), which is absolutely wrong. My theory though is that it is probably from a very immoral reaction to what’s usually a naturally felt ‘uncomfortableness’ witnessing such acts.

That’s good, me neither.

I believe acting on it is.

Yes, if they claim you don’t know given your age, than they should also apply that logic to themselves if they are being fair.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


x2 :thumbsup:

I agree.

Yes, I’m also concerned about people viewing their ‘sexuality’ as a totally and fundamental characteristic or defining point (especially the idea that there is a specific way to act if one has SSA which in the greatest irony is perpetrated by the very same people claiming they are trying to remove such gender stereotypes, media, TV shows etc). :shrug:

Many seem to refuse to see/accept the distinction between acting on ones same sex attraction and having same sex attraction. :frowning:

God Bless You

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Here is what you need to know as a Christian (in my opinion).

  1. Gay people are born that way though genetics. Just like you are predisposed to be attracted to women, gay men are predisposed to be attracted to other men. They find the girls you like yucky too.

  2. What would Jesus do? I do not see him as a homophobe. Jesus IMO would not be discussed by anyone… especially since God created him/her that way.

Knowing this - I try to follow what he taught… love everyone… and if you don’t care for guys… stick to girls… but don’t judge… thats just plain sinful.

Peace /CV



This is not entirely true, no ‘gay’ gene has been discovered, there are several people who have had same sex attraction and have then had opposite sex attraction, there are many who have had both, and many that have changed the other way, so there is a big ‘?’ when it comes to how innate, changing or permanent these desires are.

As for myself, I know there was no point where I chose to be ‘heterosexual’ therefore I take that same approach to the other and thus I don’t believe same sex attraction is a choice, but that acting on it is, just like fornication, promiscuity etc when it comes to heterosexuality.

This is what I take issue with.

I believe there is not one man or woman who does not suffer from an immoral desire of some kind, all different areas and at different intensities, and that our desires are not who we are because we make that choice.

Or else should we all just recklessly give into our every desire, throw our hands up in the air and say “Well, if God didn’t want me to do this (adultery, steal, cheat, lie, murder etc), he wouldn’t have given me the desire to do it.”?

Due to the fall, In sin we were born, thus we will always have temptations to sin, to say those temptations are a part of us and that God created you that way, is very mistaken thinking and I believe plays right into the enemies hands.

I believe it’s the passing of judgment onto someone such as the Pharisees were trying to do by stoning the adulterer under the Mosaic law, in which Jesus said to let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

But recognizing an action to be wrong is not sinful, even Jesus told the woman to “go, and sin no more.”

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


As someone with SSA and striving to follow Catholic teaching. Your first sentence comes off kind of offensive. I understand what you are trying to say, but maybe uncomfortable is a better choice of words. However if you are referring to particular acts, then refer to the acts, and not the people. Unfortunately, people in some Christian circles have expressed that attitude about people with SSA regardless of their actions (including in my own family). That kind of mentality has unfortunately driven many people from the Church and from Christ which is what we want to avoid.

Again this comes of as kind of unclear what you mean. What I think you meant to say was “My church teaches that marriage is a sacrament ordained by God and between a man and a woman for a variety of reasons. Because of this, marriage is unchangeable and the push for gay rights to marriage is impossible.” Also, it is okay to be forceful about your belief, there is no need to say slightly.

Here is one area that one needs to be careful in. Homosexuality has many different definitions. If one is referring to the actions (physical and mental) then they are indeed immoral. However if one is referring to the state of being attracted to members of the same sex, it is a trial to endure, but it itself is not immoral (at least according to Catholic teaching which I am assuming you are?).

To be honest, I knew I was not attracted to women by the time I was 16ish (I refused to acknowledge it to myself and focused on school, kind of hoped it would go away I think), but I was more or less aware that marriage was unlikely to be my vocation (unless God intervenes and pushes me into it, who knows?). What I think you meant to say was how do the LGBT and other teens who have different viewpoints know their worldview is valid if like you, they are only teenagers.

Sorry for the long spiel, and I hope I don’t come as the ‘language police’ but many people are unaware the Church actually makes the distinctions between the acts and the inclination. Too often its it feels like the world has been hyperpolarized into two sides, with people with SSA who have a belief in God kind of caught in this middle no man’s land where neither side wants or particularly tolerates them.

God bless.


The Church has taught homosexual behavior is disordered and that homosexuals are required to live in chastity but they are to be treated with respect and dignity


Okay let me give a slightly tortured analogy. First, there very likely is a genetic component to sexuality. It most likely is a multi-facet thing with interwebbings from multiple genes, multiple environmental factors, social factors, epigenetics, and other factors we probably haven’t considered (The importance of each part probably varies from person to person). However, a genetic component doesn’t make something moral.

To give an example, there is evidence that alcoholism (not the best analogy, I know) has a genetic component to it. []](]) However, a genetic component doesn’t mean a person can’t have the ability to make choices or that an individual action is then moral. It might seem somewhat unfair, but we do live in a broken world and we all have different crosses to bear.

God bless.


I love you Trad! So good to hear people becoming more accepting of others in these times.

Not sure about the “chastity” part - remember, they wanted us heterosexuals to stay celibate until marriage… like that ever worked :smiley:


:frowning: Kind of like the indissolubility of marriage and our current divorce rates? like that worked? nonetheless, doesn’t change the truth, nor the harm rejecting the truth causes.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


I’m not sure I quite understand your point? Just because people fall short of an ideal doesn’t make the ideal any less of a goal to strive for.

We all strive for sanctification in our lives, but we sometimes fall short of the goal. With the sacraments and a repentant heart, we can get back on track and strive to grow more in Christ.

God bless.



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