My three adult children do not go to church...prayers needed

I pray for my children to return to the church. I have three grown children, 30 year old daughter, 25 year old son, and a 23 year old daughter. They used to go to mass when then were younger but once out of high school they stopped. None of them like the Catholic faith because they find it too strict. They all believe in God but that’s about all as far as religion goes. Please pray that someday they will return to the church. Thank you.

St. Monica, please pray for Siamouno!


Your family is in my prayers and I will include your intentions in my Thursday prayer group.

Peace be with you,




Father, please hear our plea. This family needs to be healed and gathered back into your church. We ask that your will be done with them Father. We humbly ask for your guidance.

Will keep them in prayer with St. Monica…

Praying for your children…

Saint Monica and Saint Rita, look with compassion on a mother who is so in love with her Church that you see how she raises them up in prayer before the Lord. Join your powerful prayers to hers, dear saints, and bring her petitions for the souls of her children before the Throne of Mercy. We add our prayers to yours to God the Father through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

I am praying for your children.

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