'My Three Sons' big brother Don Grady dies at 68


I’m not sure anyone remembers this show, it was on in the 1960’s then it was re-run on syndication.

Was Don Grady Catholic?

I certainly remember the show: Fred MacMurray, Tim Considine, Don Grady, Stanley and Barry Livingston, William Frawley, William Demarest… good memories.

I remember that show very fondly. Whenever I see Fred MacMurray in older films like “Double Indemnity” or “the Apartment” playing a tough guy or a sleazebag, it forces me to do a double-take. Not the dad from “My Three Sons” with his pipe and cardigan!

I remember thinking that the oldest brother was ridiculously good-looking, in a California beach boy kind of way. And I’m a male.

May Don Rest In Peace.

I remember this show, I was a kid when it was finishing it’s run. I heard this morning that in the last few years of the show Fred McMurray used to film all of his scenes first, first thing in the morning, so that he could go play golf. Sometimes they would film him without any of the other actors around, then film the others later and make it look like they were interacting.


OK, I admit I’m old enough to remember the show. Thursday nights, with the tapping feet in the titles. Like someone else said, when I started seeing Fred McM movies, I was amazed how different he was than his MTS character. Yeah, I remember “Uncle Charlie” too. And what was that sheepdog’s name?

RIP, Don G.

The dog’s name was Tramp.


May he rest in peace. That show was a staple of my growing-up years! :slight_smile:


He was a Mouseketeer. Loved the show. Great memories.

This is from IMDB

At Fred MacMurray’s insistence, all episodes were filmed out of sequence during the show’s entire run using a technique now known as the MacMurray method. MacMurray would do all of his scenes in 65 nonconsecutive days. The cast regulars got haircuts once a week in order to maintain continuity. Guest stars would have to return months later to complete an episode. All kitchen scenes would be done together, then all scenes in the upstairs hallway would be filmed together, etc. This fact was well concealed until Dawn Lyn joined the cast as Dodie. Her upper front teeth grew in irregularly during the entire 1969-70 season, from being barely visible in scenes with MacMurray to being plainly visible in scenes without him. William Frawley never felt comfortable with this method of filming, having grown accustomed to filming I Love Lucy in sequence during its entire run.

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