My turning my back when excusing myself from The Blessed Sacrament, but not TV

I notice how I’l walk backwards not to miss a part of a show or movie, but turn my back away from God in the form of The Blessed Sacrament, when leaving to use the restroom or the chapel.

"How dare you show your back to me?"

:shrug: All I can say is that I’m fortunate enough to have never been that obsessed with TV or movies.

And if you’re talking about the end of Mass, it’d be dangerous in the extreme to be heading out backwards - you’d be bound to bump into someone behind you! Indeed, depending on how crowded your church is at Mass times it might be dangerous at any stage during Mass as well.

I had thought about that, but then realized, hopefully only if you’re a worthily receiving Catholic, Jesus is in you, so you can’t turn your back when leaving. The non-Catholics getting a blessing are exempt for not understanding

Once you genuflect, and perhaps cross yourself, you are allowed to turn your back to the Sacrament.

If you must leave during a movie, you walk backwards so that you don’t miss some crucial word or a piece of action. You could miss the whole point of the movie :wink:

I hope people got that my thread opener was a lament; not an attempt at self-deprecating humor, though I could laugh at myself too.

I have definitely never walked backwards to avoid missing something on TV. That sounds like a recipe for a fall or at least a bruise from bumping into something. Just stay until you’re ready to go. Same with the Blessed Sacrament–stay and pray, or go. No need to be halfhearted.

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