My TV show for evangelizing?

I was wondering what you guys think of my web series-turned-TV series (it’s on Tuff TV the over-the-air network, Thursdays at 10pm EST as well as online – see below) called “Day Zero”? I’ve won many film awards so far, it’s very indie and “no budget” but I’m trying to take over Hollywood someday :wink:

In any case, you’ll find it interesting that I took over the copyright from the original writer (who was Mormon) and then changed it somewhat, but starting with season 2, writing it completely on my own now. I have intended to make it more “violent” 'cause I believe without Greek Tragedy, you cannot make a point or tell a moral. So be forewarned, but it is way more tame than say, The Walking Dead or something :slight_smile: Heck, it’s tamer than Son of God!

Feel free to comment after you’ve seen some of it. It fits a “half hour” slot. We’re going to go to DirecTV/Dish at some point hopefully. Right now all of our contracts are non-exclusive. Doing this on the side (yep, part-time and haven’t made a dime really!), I feel it helps me utilize a part of my leadership abilities that I may not have achieved while in the Air Force. The pilot was accepted into the Christian Film Database, and I ask the same question of you that I did them – is this “Christian” enough? Episodes of note regarding the religion the most are 1x1: Lethal, 1x2: Requital, 1x10: Dusk and 2x1: Requiem.

Here are the episodes online:

In case you want to watch a trailer of sorts…

Thanks and God bless!

Took the time to check the montage. Can’t say I’d commit to watching the episodes only because I’m just not into the zombie concept or any storyline that deals with the walking dead. I suppose some might find it interesting.

I just don’t think I should subject myself to survival of the fittest, guns, blood, choosing who lives and dies stories to expose myself to evangelizing messages. There must be a cleaner venue for a message about love, life everlasting and the Catholic church.

As the writer how did you come to choose this theme for evangelizing? What evangelizing message are you weaving in this series?

Hi, thanks for your honest answer. My show is about reality, forgiveness, acceptance and redemption. Even for supposed criminal types. But it is also about a world where evil people exist and a what if disaster training scenario (at least one of my former supervisors told me that, heh. We work for the federal government in support of the warfighter, so its what I know best. I have never had to kill anyone in the line of duty personally however). In any case, I hope if you do watch, keep an open mind about the core story’s moral and I hope you’ll agree I’m using my talents accordingly. Its mainly a drama with some action. Not family friendly per se, but neither is Passion of the Christ :wink: Half of my cast and crew are religious, though mostly of the LDS type since this is Utah after all. It’s a good transition evangelization I hope because the other half who worked on the project are atheists or agnostics. But I didnt select them because of that, I chose them for their abilities and talents.

FWIW If you like action, why not get real stories on how some people were converted to Christ, and even became priests eg: I knew a priest who was a ball-turret gunner on a B-17 who had his guns trained on a Jap Zero that flew under the B-17 to escape fire-power from the aircraft only to find that the guns of the ball-turret were aimed at him. His reaction, and the gunner’s reaction, who finally became a priest. There are many stories like this, why make them up? Just a suggestion. It brings a person to think about his purpose in life, and final destiny. Real evangelization! Truth is stranger than fiction! You can expect some trouble if you are the right track.

Interesting… but I’m not sure how it would work in a post-apocalyptic sense, which is what my show is about, we’re 13 episodes in now. But I appreciate the advice! Thanks.

Well, therein lies the problem: How can your TV show work for evangelizing the faith if the entire premise is contrary to Catholic teaching on the matter of the second coming? There won’t be any survivors when Jesus comes again in glory. I suggest you categorize your show as a post-apocalyptic tale with a moral slant to it.

Did you ever consider a pre-apocalyptical scene? That would be consistent with Catholic envangelization eg. The battle between good angels and evil angels for human souls. How the evil angels plan to use their angelic powers to destroy men by affecting their minds and desires , be they spiritual, or physical, be they through pride, or sensuality. How do the good angels plan to do battle. Using their angelic powers to affect the minds and wills of Christians. eg. The good angels could harass the consciences of those won over by the bad angels and cause them unrest. At the same time encouraging and strenghtening the minds and wills of the Christians, also giving the Christians special armor to ward off the influence of the evil spirits. Also a special sword to defeat them. The evil angels could harass the Christians striking them at their weakest, and how the good angels come to their defense. You could even have the evil angels appear as aliens, to deceive the world, in order to hid their identity. You could have Jesus as the Supreme leader of the good angels. You could picture Jesus as the Superior Warrior, battled scared from a fight He had with the leader of the evil angels, riding a white horse. Just some thoughts. Truth is stranger than fiction, and really evangelizing , and apocalyptical.

It was originally written by a Mormon, but with season 2 I started changing it somewhat without changing the original writer’s intentions. So it’s kind of too late for that… however, people are liking the “realistic” aspects of war (not necessarily a spiritual one), but my witness are in scenes of faith (forgiveness, acceptance and redemption on an individual level, not exactly as humans on a whole per se, but if it helps then I’ve done my job). I don’t think it has to be about the actual Revelations because that’s been done a bazillion times to death and nobody watches those anyway. So you have to transition the unbelievers into it. In fact, this isn’t really about the end of the world per se, it’s more akin to The 3 Days of Darkness, Left Behind or even the possible 3rd secret of Fatima. However, I needed to create a disaster training scenario, that’s why we don’t have zombies, because those are fake creatures, so instead radiation created “Hybrids” out of a number of humans who got tainted by the biochemical nuke weapons. So far we have over 10 film fest awards, so I think it’s a good start in evangelizing slowly. We don’t want to hit atheists over the head too fast, that doesn’t bring them to Christ as experience dictates. :smiley:

We do have flashback scenes sporadically throughout the series that lead up to Day Zero, but since I have no budget, it’s kind of hard to do something like that credibly… but that’s a good idea, nonetheless! Thanks.

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