My uncle has cancer

Please keep my Uncle Joe in your prayers; we just found out he has cancer again, and my dad said it doesn’t look good. My aunt Mary Anne could use some prayers as well; apparantly she is an absolute mess. And I guess I could use some prayers too, as I bombed my math test yesterday morning because I couldn’t concentrate enough to do more than two problems because I was so upset. I guess the whole family needs prayers; my uncle has three brothers (including my dad), four kids, and I think five grandkids, and his mom (my grandma Rose) is still alive (she’s 95), although she doesn’t know about it yet. Well I’ll stop now before I really start rambling. Thank you very much for all your prayers.


I am so very sorry to hear of your Uncle’s illness. I will keep your entire family, friends and loved ones in my prayers and offer my next Eucharist for you all.

In my prayers

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.

We will pray for him next time we meet at SVP

Thank you so much!

My uncle had a PET scan on Friday to determine where the cancer is coming from, and right now it has been narrowed down to either the pancreas or the liver. We will know for sure when the results come back tomorrow (Monday). My grandmother knows now that my uncle is in the hospital and had testing done. My dad said she took the news well. They are planning on telling her that my uncle has cancer after Monday. I am kind of worried about how she is going to receive that information, but we’ll see. Thanks once again for the prayers.

The results from the PET scan came back today and the results were inconclusive. (The info regarding where the cancer might be was from when they put the stint in). My uncle is going to have a biopsy tomorrow to try to get something conclusive. My dad talked to my uncle this afternoon and he said that my uncle sounded pretty good and that they “had a nice long chat” and that he was apparantly more with it than he has been for the past couple of days. So they’ve got the pain under control, which is good. (He originally went in for severe back pain and jaundice.) His white blood cell count was up, which means that there is an infection. But my dad said that if this is cancer (remember, the results have been inconclusive), the hospital that my uncle is in is among the top 3% for oncology. So he’s in good hands.

Thank you once again for the prayers.

My dad got a phone call last night from my uncle Steve, who has been the one relaying information to everyone, and he said my uncle Joe took a turn for the worse yesterday. My uncle Steve also said that he would be flying out to CA to see/be with my uncle Joe today. The results from the biopsy have not come back yet, and my dad says he has no clue when they expect them back. He thinks we are going to tell my grandmother about my uncle some time this week. I was a mess last night after finding out about my uncle’s condition. I was a little better for the first half of today, but later on in the day I just kind of broke. It’s really touch-and-go. In general, it’s very difficult for me. So, that’s where things are at. Thank you for your continued prayers.

In my prayers

I’m a stage 3 cancer surviver and have been stable for 3 years this All Saints Day. I’ve been through biopsies, CT’s, bone scans and have to continue to do this the rest of my life. I know how tough it is to wait on results. Prayer saved me. Continue to have faith and know my prayers are with you, your Uncle and your family. God Bless, Tim

I have offered my Eucharist for your Uncle Joe and for the family and friends and all your loved ones.

In my prayers.

The results from the biopsy came back and my uncle definitely has cancer and it is terminal. They are going to do another biopsy to determine what kind of cancer it is and therefore what kind of chemo to use. And then my uncle has to decide whether or not he wants to go through with the chemo, since the cancer is terminal anyway.

My dad is over at my grandmother’s right now breaking the news to her about my uncle’s cancer. Please pray for her; we are worried about how she is going to take the news. I will let you know how that goes.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers!


My dad just got back from my grandma’s. He said it went well and that she had figured that was the case. (Which isn’t surprising…the woman has like a radar or something. Seriously. My dad joked that she probably knew before we did.) He said she was of course a little upset but she took the news well. So praise God. And thank you for your prayers!

I’m sorry for the bad news, but when I was first diagnosed I had metastatic (spread) in my lymphs and lungs. It was figured to be terminal until they found out it was a germ cell cancer from TC (same as Lance Armstrong). Then I was given a 30% chance at life with chemo. Now I have a 70% chance of cure. Don’t let him give up! And keep your hope and faith up. All things are possible with God. In my prayers, Tim

Thanks. It’s always nice to hear such hopeful stories.

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