"My uni (versity) parish has taken down the Vatican flag and replaced it with...the NHS flag

Is it a Catholic university? If it is, that is not a good thing.


Nice of them to show support for all the health care workers risking their lives to fight COVID-19.


The account that made that tweet has been deleted. We can’t know where it is or who took the decision from a random photo, we can’t know the context from a random tweet.

Unless the OP can provide more information, there isn’t anything we can really discuss.

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Today is International Nurses Day, maybe because of that


NHS needs a more exciting flag.
Like maybe a lion rampant or a cool Latin phrase or something.
At least a cadeuces.


It’s not like they took down the crucifix or painted over the Ten Commandments. We’re talking about a flag. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind that the substitution of a flag has any relevance to Christianity.

Be that as it may, it reminds me of how my dad complained when a new Catholic church was built in our town with a US flag flying on a pole that stood taller than the cross outside the church. If he could get worked up about that, I guess I can see someone getting worked up about this.

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People get worked up about flags frequently, to the point where I sometimes think we should take them ALL down.

That’s just communism, which always put up a flag despite communal intentions. More than that, it’s just human nature. If we must march under some flag or another, I would prefer it be that of the Cross. We pretty much have no alternative until we bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, or it comes to us.

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