My view of John Paul Jackson

As a practicing catholic in good standing with the church and a skilled psychiatrist I have found John Paul Jackson’s method of dream interpretation to be better than anything offered by the psychiatric and psychological communities.

I have found Christian dream interpretation to be a biblical issue with precedent, method, and useful purpose for helping people grow in their love of God.

We know that it is said that dreams and visions will be sent to the young and old in the latter days.

I urge my fellow Catholics to have an open mind and learn more about this issue.

Remember that there are different types of prophets, those whom god speaks to directly as a friend face to face, like Moses, and to others in dreams and visions, indirectly.

The power of god to speak to the heart and mind is powerful.

Discernment is needed as well as great humility.

Peace and may we all grow this Advent season! :slight_smile:

I don’t trust this guy by the company he keeps, it’s a virtual who’s who of charlatans and snake-oil salesmen.

i don’t know how the average catholic could learn to interpret dreams. i have so many and so varied, there doesn’t seem to be any connection. and that’s only the one’s i remember.:shrug:

I agree, I haven’t either. But I have a little skill in interpreting dreams, why not put me to the test. If I can’t give the interpretation I will say as much or you can consider me as selling snake oil.

Either way not much is lost, but perhaps an insight will be gained.

Some dreams are easier then others to interpret. Some are fairly obvious.

I have found it interesting that if you pray to God he will often give you understanding.

Best to write down the dream after having it in the morning. If you honor the dreams God will give you more.

Be sure to include numbers, colors, if darkness or grey scale is present, and as much detail as possible.

Obviously dreams can have multiple sources, a little understanding goes a long way. And frankly you need a little help from an expert like John Paul.

According to John Paul Jackson, an angel appeared to his mother before his birth, telling her not to weep over her miscarriage and that she would soon give birth to a son. She was to name the boy John Paul, the angel said, and he would have an 11th-hour ministry. Even her pregnancy would be a sign of that 11th-hour ministry. Not long after, Jackson’s mother became pregnant with him. He was due to be born May 30, 1950. His mother went to the hospital in labor on that day, but the labor pains stopped, and Jackson wasn’t born until two months later, on July 30 at 11:55 p.m.—“11 months to the day,” he says.

Gimme a break!

Since you seem to support this guy’s “ministry”, I’m not sure to be more worried about your “practicing Catholicism” or “skilled psychiatry”. This guy’s obviously filled with more hot air than substance. If anything the spirit presented here is anything but holy.

i don’t need any more dreams, i need less. and some are too embarrassing to post here.:wink:

If God gave me the grace to have a vision or dream, I have enough faith to believe he will reveal to me what I need to know.

Why do I need this Man when I have God? God will reveal it to me when he believes I am ready to have it revealed.

Actually I must disagree with you. Your insight may also hurt someone somehow.

We are taught as RC to stay away from that.

We are also taught to Honor God not our dreams. The devil has many powers, and he can come into our dreams.

We are taught that we only need God, and do not need John Paul.


Dear Rinnie,

You need not flee in terror of the devil or his influence at every turn, God in heaven is far greater. If you are afraid of being led astray by a dream or a so called vision, that is good, because you should test everything, but to deny that God speaks in dreams and visions is non-biblical.

Roman catholics are actually not taught to flee from dreams and visions. Quite the opposite actually. Joseph was shown in a dream that his brothers would all bow to him. Now he was proud and told them the dream, which got him thrown down a well, and afterwards God worked on him so that he would be humble and also useful for God’s purposes. That purpose was to save the Jewish people. Joseph later interprets the dream of Pharoah two servants, the holder of the cup and the baker. Joseph interpreted their dreams for them because he had great wisdom, a gift from God. He gave the correct interpretation both times, and one of them later remembered this and this caused Joseph to gain favor in the kings court.

Daniel had a dream where he was shown the dream of the king of Babylon and was given the interpretation of that dream in his dream. This allowed Daniel to not only save his life, but helped him rise to the position of second in the kingdom. If Daniel waited for his confessor or spiritual advisor to bless his interpretation he may have lost his head. Or worse, if he didn’t go forward with his revelation, the Jewish people would not have had Cyrus as a helper to rebuild the temple.

St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary, was told in a dream to take Mary as her spouse and that her pregnancy was the work of the holy spirit. I can imagine what some pharisees would have thought about that if they were asked. St. Joseph was also warned to flee to Egypt to save baby Jesus.

I mean really, it goes on and on and on. You don’t have to be an old testament prophet or a new testament Saint to have a dream or a vision in the night. And there are ways to differentiate a dream from Satan or the fallen angels, your own human soulish desires, or a dream from God.

Freud said that dreams were unconcsious conflicts working themselves out, generally about hostility, sex, or other conflicts. Jeung was a little better and made dreams more spiritual, but he never understood why some dreams gave hidden knowledge or glimpes of the future. That is because God does that.

You see, God can show a thing, it’s beginning and it’s end, before it even starts in your life. Why does he do this? I can’t say for sure I know all the reasons, but it is biblical that God reveals to those he considers a friend a thing or work he is about to do. Also, it helps a soul grow in trust of God, because often prophecy is just about learning to trust in God in your personal walk with him. Also, they are for warnings, to prevent things from happening or issues you need to pray about.

There are people on these forums hungry for spiritual experiences. To them I say go to eucharistic adoration and pray your rosary. Get rid of sin in your life, repent, read the scriptures, and go to confession weekly and take communion regularly. Then if you have a dream, write it down, honor the gift of the dream, and God will send more.

We spend 1/3 of our life asleep. If you live until 60 you will be asleep for 20 years. That sleep is to refresh the mind and the body, but also for God to speak to you. It takes wisdom, discernment, knowledge, experience, and faith to interpret dreams. There are exceedingly few people who can do it. I am just learning, but find it a powerful tool for increasing the love of a soul for their creator and helping him understand his spiritual journey. One day there will be more Catholics with this gift.

So who’s got courage and wants to post a dream. Obviously avoid the sinful dreams or the anxiety dreams. Dream that are dark or grey scale are dreams from Satan or evil angels, because they are devoid of light. God who is pure light, has all color, and dreams with rich color are from him. Dreams with muted color are generally are own soulish dreams. Not all dark dream are necessarily from a demon, but god allowing you to peer into the second heaven realm to reveal to you the plans of the enemy against you.

I’m sure someone is going to say that Satan can appear as an angel of light, but only if God allows it, and if so, only to test you and to refine you. Anyone who runs in terror of the devils is young in spiritual combat and does not have a strong faith in God. Walking in fear is a sure way to weaken your faith walk, and is the opposite of faith. Fear is faith in the thing you are afraid of.

Test all things but believe that God is stronger then Satan and that you are higher then the fallen angels. We are locked in mortal combat for our own souls and the souls of our brethren.

There are scientists, authors, and inventors who got their theorems, stories, and inventions from dreams. Did you know that?

I think one thing Catholic have to shake is their paralytic fear of being wrong or misguided by Satan and their distrust of all christians who are non-catholic. I have met many holy Baptists who are far better christians then many Catholics I know. I am pretty sure God is not stuck on denominations.

Peace and I hope you all have a peaceful and joyful Christmas.


more importantly, what is church teaching, is dream interpretation in the ccc?

I have never read any specific mention of dreams or dream interpretation in the catechism. I’m pretty sure I would have noticed it because dream interpretation is something I have been trying to figure out for about 30 years. But it is worth a second look. The catechism may mention dreams in the life of St. Joseph.

Dream interpretation is not a doctrinal issue, it is more of a pastoral care issue I think.

Kind of like how exorcism is a pastoral issue that was put away from the Catholic church in modern times, only now recently back in the church in a big way more recently, dream interpretation may be something we lost on the way, or that only a rare few could do well or with benefit to a soul.

The church does not focus on things like visions, locutions, apparitions, or prophecy, but acknowledges that they exist. It is not necessary for the practice of the faith or moral formation: however is often the result of these things.

However many Saints and Priests have had dreams like Saint Don Bosco. Here is a link to his dream on hell:

He had many dreams, and because he was so holy, he could ask his Guardian angel for the interpretation, and would often receive it.

The church does teach not to seek out answers from occultic sources. Take the Witch of Endor as your prime example when Saul attempted to channel the prophet Samuel. We are not to seek answers from any spirit other then God. I am fairly sure that the church fathers would be strongly adverse to something like Remote Viewing, which in my opinion is heavily occultic or involves great spiritual danger to the person attempting it.

However Dreams are different. It is something iniated by the Spirit of God for the benefit of a Soul.

This could be groundbreaking stuff for the Catholic Church. The church I have heard shuns charismatic practices, such as the babling of people thinking they are talking in tongues, but quite to the contrary, Dreams often reveal deep personal issues that are very cogent to the person or warn of specific things coming in the near or not so far future that are prophetic to the person’s life. If they pray and seek God, they can avoid bad things from happening, either for themselves or others. So because Dreams are so clear and powerful for the person able to understand them, they gain strong validity to the dreamer. Especially the experienced dreamer who has learned from experience how dreams have played important roles in their lives.

Clearly though, this is not for the neophyte, vain, or curious. Dreams are gifts from God, and should be respected and honored as such. If of course they are from God and not another source such as the soul, strong emotions, or negative spiritual influences. Discernment is key.

reminds me of scrooge. have you read gloria polo ortiz’ story? i suppose there are a lot of them.

BlueKnight my problem is not in believing God can come to me in my dreams. My problem is with you believing or trying to say this John Paul has the gift from God to understand them. That’s where we differ. MY point is God can get his point across just fine.

God Bless you also and have a very Blessed Christmas and New Year!:smiley:

Nope I never heard of Gloria. Not sure what you mean by Scrooge. A lot of what?

Here is a link to a talk given by John Paul Jackson on some basics on dream interpretation:

What a bunch of poppycock… this is nonsense no different than any other ‘as seen on TV’ sales pitch, at least with that you get something in your mailbox.

He “saw things happen” before it happened? Really… He “grew up with that type of thing”??

At 24:25, he dreamt he was pregnant and his physician was Jesus…and he order a C-Section for him… turns out it was a “See® section” … really? This is what’s passing for God’s word in your mind?

… you really want us Catholics to believe you aren’t John Paul Jackson himself, or someone who’s working for him? Please stop lying on this forum.

This guy, his friends like Benny Hinn, and the televangelists associated with this guy remind me of the standard snakeoil sales technique:
“If you can’t persuade them with worthless ‘facts’, then dazzle them with bullpoop!”

The reason you have no knowledge of dreams or interpretations of them in the teaching of the Church is because its not needed.

Jesus tells us his revelation is completed in his word. Which means there is nothing else we need to know.

The Bible reveals to us dreams and visions are of the Past, now we have the word through the Son. The word became flesh and revealed all that there is to know.

If we were to be led by our dreams Jesus would not have left that out of the bible, nor would he have left out how interpretations should be handled.

We are taught we are led now by the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us, and because of the Holy Spirit in us, no dreams or visions are needed or will be given to us. There is no dream or vision that could trump the power of the Holy SPirit.

Hope that helps!

Nope. If so it would be in the word of God rather Scripture or Tradition. It is not needed nor taught.

Dreams and Visions are actually detrimental and confusing in a persons life, and usually leads them away from God and his Church.

We are taught in scripture they are a thing of the past. Jesus Christ and his Church and the dwelling of his Spirit in us is all we need.

you can google her, there are plenty of people who claim to have seen hell.

last night, i dreamt about scientists, golf carts, a dead girlfriend who wasn’t really dead, and much more that i can’t remember.:blush:

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