My vocation in career?


I am trying to figure out something. When I was younger I wanted to be a NASCAR driver for years. then a couple of years ago I started feeling like I should do something more “practical” So I decided to Work in automotive (which I am starting school for) and just race locally as a hobby. But every now and then I feel that pull to pursue racing professionally in NASCAR. But it seems crazy to do. If I did that I would still work on cars until the racing “took off” but I would relocate to NC (the base for NASCAR). The only issues I am having is 1) I am 21 and just starting out and in racing that’s late. (most start when there 10). 2) its not very practical. 3) I would be scared that I would end up with a sponsor that’s not pro-life. What do y’all think?


What kinds of responsibilities do you have to tend to ? What skills are you in need of ? What is your plan B ?


Well I am 21 and single so not really any responsibilities. My plan B would be what my plan A had been. Which is to work on cars in a shop or dealership and race locally. The only things I would change if I pursued NASCAR is I would need to move to NC and go to NASCAR Tech which since its a 2 year school I could do the Automotive technology at the Tech school here then do NASCAR Tech. It just seems crazy to do. I talked to my parents about it and they said its up to me.


I dont know much about the business or if you are starting out late, as far as actually racing. My opinion is its more realistic to train to become a mechanic/technician. That would be a bigger kick to me to lay claim to the technical expertise. That coming from a mechanic on a Gulf of Mexico oil production facility. :thumbsup:


Do a search of NASCAR shops in NC, and email them, asking them the usual procedure for getting into the sport.

If this dealt with horse racing, I could give a little advice. But, here I sit surrounded by NASCAR shops, and I know nothing about it.

There is a priest in Louisville, KY, who is a driver. If you PM me, I could give you his name. My BIL used to have a car, but they could never qualify for any of the big races, so he had to get out of it.




There is another poster on this forum, catholicracer, who also is into car racing. Perhaps you should touch base with and bounce your thought soff him? Perhaps this could be the start of a Catholic car racing team (hey, if there can be a Christian sportbike racing team, why not?).

Interestingly enough, when I was researching the USCCB website, I was informed that they do have a ministry to auto racers! The contact I was given is a priest in Aurora, IL (no Wayne’s World jokes, please).




Emerging Ministry! Paging Catholics who are involved in motorsports. There is a need for Catholics to band together for the sake of the sport’s spiritual needs!

If interested, please email me at



If it involves motorcycles, you may want to know that there is a Catholic Motorcycle Group:

The idea for it was actually conceived here on CAF.


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