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Hi everyone, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

I hope all you wonderful people won’t mind me sharing my Vocation story so far and ask for continued prayers and support. I will be turning 20 pretty soon and God is being very good to me, I mean I have ups and downs but God is good. Last year I tried my vocation in a Religious Order in Spain, and within about a week of arriving and being received as a Postulant, even though I speak Spanish fairly well I was put into the university to do the start of a Theology degree all in Spanish, I had never even done a Theology or any other university course before in my own language- on top of all that I happened (without my prior knowledge when I applied to the order) to be in the most liberal faculty about and it was all a big problem and they’re in conflict with the local bishop etc. to cut a long story short after a long time in prayer and meditation I left after nearly half a year- I got quite a bit of help and support on here and in the end I decided to leave, it just wasn’t the place for me and I wouldn’t have been able to live my true Catholic faith in that environment.

Now I am back in my parish and I am officially working as a Pastoral Assistant which I am loving, it is an official position held by a lay person who helps the Priest, does the administration side of things, I answer the phone and type his letters etc. and as well I visit the sick and housebound with Holy Communion as I am a Special Minister and I also conduct Eucharistic Services in the absence of Father from time to time- I really love it and I am very happy in my job and helping my very special and Holy Priest- who is now in his 80s.

Anyway, I am still on the path to finding my Vocation- I am going on a Vocations retreat next week and we shall see where that leads, I am really open to God’s will for me and I am not set on any particular Religious Community or Seminary at the moment (I was before and it turned out not to be for me as I’ve said). I have just booked a trip to Medujorje with a friend from Church and I am really excited about it, maybe Our Lady will have some message for me- but I don’t expect that at all, although I feel a strong pull towards making this trip- to enrich my faith if nothing else. I am casually looking at Orders etc. but I know I am still young and I have time- Jesus is a very patient God!

I would ask you all to pray for me and please comment/get in touch with me- I love hearing from you and I hope to use this site more often now. I have had phases in the past where I have drifted in and out of using it, it is wonderful. Please remember me in your prayers.


Praying for you : )


I shall pray for you. God bless.

However, I suggest you avoid Medjugorje. The church has prohibited the faithful from visiting it until a decision is made on its autenticity. Be careful with mystical stuff.


Congrats I am applying to seminary right now so if you need to talk to someone we are in the same boat :smiley:


Praying for you. I am so glad you were able to leave that liberal seminary. You were very unhappy there. Congratulations on your new position. May God bless you in all your endeavors.


The church never approved the Miraculous Medal apparitions.

Could you please provide a link to such information?

There are several emerging charisms which have the approval of their local ordinary which are based on Medjugorje.

Pray, read the bible, give up worldly addictions are the message. She allegedly appears in the bedroom in Alabama to drive home (pun not intended) the sanctity of conjugal relations.

The world keeps talking of peace. Revolutionaries say ‘war is peace.’ She calls herself the ‘Queen of Peace,’ then says joining our wills to God is the only way to peace.

My 2 cents.



The local Bishop has condemned the apparitions. Read the article above from the very reputable Catholic Hersld. The Virgin Mary would hardly preach disobedience to the One True Church.

Either the whole Catholic Church has it wrong or Medjugorje is a hoax


This is the last time I am hijacking this thread. In the comments are reference to 1993, where the church wasn’t in a hurry to approve anything.

Even if it is a hoax, the faithful are still blessed as if it were real. I suppose the peace I received from the prayer intention I sent is from Satan. Go figure.



Dear friends,

Thanks for all your help and advice. I am taking it all on board and it is great to be prayed for.

In regards to our friend who cautions me about Medujorje, you are very right that the local Bishop does not support it- however I have read lots about it and watched documentaries etc. I believe that Our Lady is most certainly at work in that Holy place. The Church has not banned anyone from going there my friend, Our Holy Father Pope Francis has said that he will be declaring his official verdict on the apparitions later this year- whatever it may be. We must remember that during the apparitions at Fatima it was banned for the faithful to go the apparitions yet thousands flocked there, Padre Pio was banned from saying Mass in public or hearing Confessions for years- yet look what happened.

I understand your concern, you are right to only want the right thing however, the Church has not forbade anyone from visiting- faith is never a bad thing. I myself was unsure of it too but as I have been invited by a friend I have really read up on it and anyway even if there are no apparitions there- no Catholic can deny the faith healings and return to the Sacraments that people go through- it that sense it is amazing. God bless!


Seems like you are living your found vocation now, as worthy a calling as any other. :slight_smile:

I too found much enjoyment in parish work, and admittedly, I even get restless when no activity is available in my diocese. Our diocese is tiny, so I’m pretty well boxed in with not too much work available and a lot of available people applying. I make up for it by volunteering at SVP.

Perhaps you will be assigned more responsible and involved tasks, and then you will be too joyously busy.


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