My Vocation


Please pray for my Vocation that God will show me which Order, Seminary I am to enter/join- if any at all. I am discerning his Holy Will for me in life. Please pray for me.


Praying for you!


Praying for your intentions:gopray::gopray::gopray::gopray:


I will be praying for you

one quick word of advice. If you are discerning diocesan priesthood talk to your vocation director for your diocese. Usually they choose where they want you to go instead of you choosing where you want to go.


Congratulations! Praying for you.:gopray2: May God bless you abundantly.


Well what have you learned in your discernment? If not diocesan, what orders have caught your eye? For what reasons? How do you feel God is calling you to love others?


More likely than not you will not have a choice for your seminary.

A vocation is revealed in time with a lot of hard work and prayer.


Peace and good dear Francesco,
yes we will pray for you :slight_smile: What did you do until now to understand what your vocations is ? We are a community which tries to help people in vocational research. In this little video you can hear some very good advice also from bishops, priests, and professors:
For whatever spiritual necessity we’re at your service.

-------------- (to let you know also who we are)--------------------------
Like so the website we use ( that explains our Charism:
"These are the Little Friars and Sisters V.V. of Jesus and Mary, with (as has defined a Roman Bishop) the Spirit of the first Franciscans and Carmelites! In fact, they themselves say with words and deeds ( Cf. Lk 24, 19 ) : ‘We don’t touch and don’t want money ( not that it be bad to touch, given that also the Apostles had a safe keeping), but of what we have, we give to you freely in the Name of the Lord ! (Cf. Act 3,6), given that Jesus says:
“ There’s more joy in giving than there’s in receiving ” ( Cf. Act 20, 35 ), especially when
one gives - LUMINOUS and SIMPLE - spiritual food, that never perishes (Cf. Jn 6,27)’. Amen !

We wish you a happy research of God’ s plan…


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