My vocation?

I don’t normally ask for prayers, but here it goes.

Please pray for me concerning my vocation. I really don’t know what God is calling me to do. In my heart, sometimes I feel as though I should be a priest, but my mind says no. And I really need guidance and discernment. Is it okay to ask God for a sign? Just something to let me know what I should do with my life? Thanks in advance for your help and for your prayers.

Glory to Jesus Christ.

God bless you Ace86. Discerning God’s will for you will be a hard but blessed journey. Be sure to be patient and pray! That’s the best way to find out what the Lord calls you to. Asking God His will isn’t bad though asking for a sign may be a bad thing. You might end up spending your time searching for the sign rather than listening to God. You could miss your vocation because of it! Of course He may let you know through some sign but you shouldn’t look for it always.

Other than prayer, I suggest you find a good and holy spiritual director. They will be able to help you find God’s will and inform you about vocations in general. If you mention it to your parish priest he should be able to help you here.

Keep praying, I’ll pray for you too.

Be steadfast in prayer, even if you feel so dry and empty that you can’t so much as fold your hands. Go to adoration and receive the sacraments of penance and communion as often as you possibly can. You must drown out these uncertainties with love and grace.

Ask God for ears of wisdom. We’re praying for you.

I just wanted to say thank you!!


I will echo the advice given above. Talk to a priest as soon as possible about getting a Spiritual Director. The Spiritual Director can help you with discerning your path in life.

I thank those who have prayed and will pray, and ask those who wish to give advice to do so in its appropriate forum. I’ve taken the liberty of copying the original post to the Vocations forum so that advice can continue there while prayers continue here.

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